Lisa Collum, CEO and Author at Top Score Writing, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

    About Lisa Collum and Top Score Writing:

    Fifteen years ago, Lisa Collum was frustrated by this reality while working as a teacher in a Title I school. She became frustrated watching countless students fail or struggle with writing, and their scores on standardized tests indicated a path that needed corrective action. There was no curriculum available to help teachers focus on real writing skills and to help students develop this critical life skill.

    Lisa took this challenge as her own. She studied the common areas where students struggled and developed a curriculum to support students and teachers alike. In less than a year, she turned her entire class around from nearly failing to achieve a 100% pass rate. This is where Top Score Writing was born.

    With such impactful results, word quickly spread the power of Lisa’s curriculum. Top Score Writing has since grown to include full teacher curriculums for 2nd through 12th grade, and now includes student workbooks, a digital curriculum, animated lessons, PowerPoint lessons, scoring, and professional development training.

    Today, Top Score Writing remains the only proven system that makes teaching writing easier, helps students learn more effectively, and is proven to achieve a 70% increase in writing test scores, on average.

    Top Score Writing is building the future writers of tomorrow and impacting the lives of every student who earns this foundation after completing the curriculum successfully.

    Top Score Writing® is a simple and effective approach to informative/explanatory, opinion/argumentative and narrative teaching that prepares students for the state writing assessment providing both interactive online and blending learning resources to schools and districts.

    Writing is the Fastest & Easiest Way to Increase Test Scores & Overall School Grades!

    Most schools rely solely on reading and grammar programs to teach ELA skills, yet today’s tests are heavily weighted on a student’s ability to write. The lack of writing-specific curriculums results in lower writing scores and lower ELA scores across the board.

    Schools that implement Top Score Writing call us their “secret weapon” because Top Score Writing’s curriculum quickly and easily raises test scores on the ELA and across the board. After years of analyzing data, we can directly correlate the improvement in writing scores to higher overall grades.

    What is Top Score Writing?

    The one and only program specifically designed to prepare students for the State Writing Test! Top Score Writing is a Research Based Program. Many counties require that schools use research-based programs and Top Score Writing is just that! This is proven in a white paper written by IESD. Interactive Educational Systems Design (IESD) specializes in research to support product development and marketing, and in effective communication with educational decision makers.

    Our Community (Teacher Community)

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    Top Score Writing curriculum is now used in over 200 schools.