Mark Musselman, Owner & Founder, MX5 Consulting, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

About Mark Musselman and MX5 Consulting:

Strategically minded organizational leader, thought leader, entrepreneur, and change driver with 20+ years serving in CEO / President / Chief of Staff roles for $30M businesses (200+ people) and leading them to increased sustainability, impact and profitability.

Specializes in strategic thinking, aligning and engaging teams (from individual contributors to C-Suite execs), turnarounds, board relations, sales & marketing, operations and people integration to achieve business goals.

Bridges executive teams with key stakeholders, BODs and cross-functional leadership teams, establishing open communications (internal and external), cross-functional collaboration, shared vision, and an accountable, inclusive culture.

Supporting executives, leadership teams, BODs and their respective workforces in transformative change, leadership development, market pivots, and turnarounds to facilitate organizational growth and revenue increase.

Consulting Services:

General Business Consulting and Advisory Services
Aligning and Operationalizing Strategy
Specializing in Turn-Around Situations
Executive and Leadership Coaching/Development for Business Sustainability
Trusted Business Advisor

executive 1:1 coaching

I utilize my extensive experience in transformational leadership to co-create powerful results for business owners & executives. My personal experience as a business owner and executive provides me with an experiential perspective that enables me to fully understand the needs, wants, and fears of my clients. Through inquiry and a profound ability to listen into the dark corners I reveal truths that lead to action and improved results that my clients are seeking.

strategic planning facilitation

This process is all about alignment. Over the course of several days we align your people, systems, the work, and the resources of the organization around what matters most. This brings focus to all stakeholders releasing them to do amazing work. The process helps close gaps between your vision and the day-to-day activities that produce results. The process allows you to accelerate results by aligning and focusing on the “right things.” When you focus on the “right things” day after day you get to where you want to go with greater an increased sense of ease and reliability.

business consulting & advisory

Change is more inevitable now that at any point in recent memory. There are many aspects to consider when a business owner or executive is working to overcome the challenges associated with the changing landscape. As a seasoned business consultants and advisor I take time to listen to you to understand the business issues and challenges that you are facing. With this understanding I can partner with you as a proven resource to help you identify and breakthrough the challenges and build long-term strategies that produce results and sustained growth.