Sharon Devonish Leid, MPA, Chief Executive Officer, NetStruc PR, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

    About Sharon Devonish Leid and NetStruc PR:

    As a young child, I saw my dad work a full-time job and have his own business. He would come home and work on his business. I never really understood why he did what he did until at the age of 10 years old when I asked him, what do you do every day after work? He then told me he created his own business to make sure my mother, my brother, and I were secure financially.

    My mother was always encouraging me and my brothers to work to our fullest capacity, regardless of who we worked for and what we did. She demonstrated this through her work as a clerk then an executive in the Kings County District Attorney’s Office. This is where my exposure to Criminal Justice began.

    I began my career in the Kings County District Attorney’s Office working as a Paralegal. I wanted to be an attorney. I never knew my life would change when I was offered an opportunity to work in the public and community relations departments.

    Coming from a Law Enforcement background, working with the community, was opportunity that I was able to help so many people. I helped change their lives! I wanted to keep having that feeling of excitement for not only me or more importantly for those I helped.

    When I left the City of New York, I decided to go and help others but in a different capacity. I decided to start my own business to help small businesses and entrepreneurs to tell their stories in an impactful manner. I saw that many of them didn’t understand the significance of media exposure for their business success. They thought it was unaffordable or unattainable for businesses of their size. I offer a personalized and economical approach to put a spotlight on their businesses in the media.

    In April 2015, I started NetStruc PR Agency, full of excitement! The moment I will never forget is the feeling I got when my first client was featured in the local media network in New York. Since then it has been my pleasure to help countless clients land their first media opportunity. I love when I get those calls from my clients telling me how the awareness about their business and leads increased from the media interviews I secured.

    I am married to my high school sweetheart. We have three sons who bring us joy and excitement, there is never a dull moment with them. We try new restaurants and play jokes on each other.

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