6 Useful Things To Add To Your Marketing Strategy


In order to have a successful marketing strategy, you need to include a few things. One of the things that people often forget about is adding things that are interesting and helpful for customers. In this article, you will learn about 6 things that should be included in your marketing strategy to provide value for customers and improve your conversion rates!

Amenities For Clients 

Imagine your client leaving with promotional materials for your company in their hands. You should think about getting labeled bottled water to share with people who visit your office or your stand during expos. Amenities like these are great things to add to a marketing strategy.


Slap your logo onto bottles, pens, notebooks, and things like these. Your clients will know that you care about them and they’ll feel more at home when working with your company or visiting an expo where you have a stand.

Another thing to consider adding is branded paper cups, which can be used for coffee breaks during meetings as well as water bottles. The same goes for things such as different types of snacks, healthy ones if possible so that people stay energized throughout the day. You could also think about getting pens in bulk from companies that do promotional products wholesale. 

Social Media Content

Modern times require you to be active on social media. It is a great opportunity to show your business and products in front of thousands of people, but things can get out of hand quickly if you don’t create social media content correctly.

Make sure to include multimedia content on your profiles, as it is a great way to engage with customers on all networks. You can also use things like polls or contests to create more traction for your posts and get people talking about you online.

Here are the accounts you need to make and why:

– Instagram for photos, stories, and short videos

– Facebook for longer text posts, sharing content from other media, and photos

– LinkedIn for connecting with other professionals

– TikTok for attractive trending videos 

– YouTube for tutorials and commercials

– Twitter for quick updates and announcements 


Create trends by using hashtags. Using them on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram will enable you to get your posts seen by a wider audience. For example, if you use the hashtag #lunchtime in the post caption of an image of what’s for lunch, this will make it easy for anyone searching #lunchtime to find that picture (and yours may be one out of hundreds they scroll past). 

These trends will get people to share your content and engage with you. Hashtags are a great way to get more people interested in your post through things like hashtags, social media trends, or other things that have been proven to increase engagement for users on the internet. 

A Blog

Search engine optimization is essential to businesses online. This is why it’s important to have a blog on your website that optimizes well for things like keywords and images. Blogging can help you keep things fresh, give customers value, increase the amount of time they spend browsing your website, establish thought leadership within your industry, and much more!

Make sure to constantly update it with new things to make things interesting for your readers. Add images to things you talk about and also things to make your blog stand out.

When you have a strong blog, it will help drive traffic and increase the number of things people see on your site which is great for SEO and branding!

A Newsletter 

Make some direct contact with customers through a newsletter. Emails are very effective ways of reaching out to your customer base, but a tribute website can be used to deliver it for you instead so that the marketing message comes from an authority inside the company rather than just another person or agency.

A newsletter includes things like updates about new products/services and articles written by industry experts who work with your business. They should also contain links to videos and other web content related to what’s being discussed in the newsletter article itself, etc. 

Offline Advertising

Don’t ignore the audience that doesn’t use the internet. Offline advertising is still an effective method of reaching customers who are not online or if your audience isn’t as responsive to things like search engine marketing, social media advertising, etc.

This could include things such as placing adverts in local newspapers/media outlets which can be targeted at the people that live locally and have similar interests. For example, you might place a leaflet about healthy eating for vegetarians into their newspaper or run radio ads aimed at encouraging them to book appointments with your doctor’s surgery because it’s offering free medical advice on certain days of the week after hours for example! 


Marketing is essential for a successful business so be ready to take a bigger part of your budget out for it. Create physical amenities for clients to carry around and make content on all the social media accounts while putting up hashtags to create trends. Make a blog to be noticed by search engines and a newsletter to contact existing customers. Also, never forget that not all people use the internet and include some offline ads as well!