Carlos A. Murrieta, Co-Founder at Merge Architectural Group LLC, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

About Carlos A Murrieta and Merge Architectural Group LLC:

Co-Founder of Merge Architectural Group, recognized by the American Institute of Architects as the 2016 Arizona’s Young Architect of the Year (AIA10) and 2008 Arizona’s ‘Young Guns’ – Young Brightest Designer, Carlos has spent over 24 years in the practice of architecture in different types of projects such as commercial, residential, industrial, educational, hospitality, ecclesiastical including working during his first seven years a design-builder contractor, understanding clearly the construction approach of each commission.

Carlos is passionate about changing the way we experience buildings, not just how we see them but how we interact with the space, the environment and user experience. Carlos has been strongly motivated in building performance; an advocate of the AIA 2030 movement, an early LEED professional and a energy building modeler himself, architecture for him is not just form and function, but form, function, performance and interaction.

Merge Architectural Group (MAG) is an award-winning architectural firm located in Phoenix, Arizona, providing complete architectural, planning, and interior design services. Co-founded by Carlos Murrieta and Clarisa del Castillo in 2012, it has a diverse portfolio of outstanding community, education, government, higher education, hospitality, and multifamily projects. Merge Architectural Group is committed to designing excellence through a client-concentric collaborative design process, assuring the most responsive, accurate, and cost-effective approach for each client.

Our Core Values

Merge Architectural Group focuses on a client-centered experience where our clients are part of our team, allowing us to create appropriate and responsible designs based on our core values:

Creativity. We modify the built environment through novel solutions and imaginative ideas.

Integrity. Our ethical principles are the basis of our practice.

Excellence. We attain the highest design quality through continued exploration of ideas.