Expert Tips for Hiring the Right Commercial Cleaning Company



Cleaning is a tedious job for many people. This is not just applicable to your personal homes and residential areas, but also to commercial settings. For such corporate or business needs, it is important to hire a cleaning company to help maintain your commercial space, but that can be a difficult process. Here are some tips to help you hire the best cleaning company.

Referrals And Reviews

When you are looking for cleaning companies to hire for your commercial needs, consider getting references from those that you know and trust the most. You may be able to look for companies on your own, but when it comes to allowing strangers into your properties and businesses, you want to ensure that you can trust them. Many quality commercial cleaning companies, such as Fox Commercial Cleaning, offer green cleaning options that can help to improve indoor air quality and reduce your carbon footprint. Before making a commitment, just make sure to ask for references and read online reviews. Reviews online may be skewed, so be wary of that. Customers are not as likely to contribute positive reviews as they are to provide negative ones. In terms of perfect reviews however, companies may also pay or offer discounts for positive customer feedback, regardless of the job that is actually done. If you are not able to get references from people you trust, be mindful of what reviews are shared, both overtly positive or negative, and consider those in the middle to provide more information that may be beneficial.


Costs Of Freelance Contractors And Insurances

There are benefits to hiring officially licensed cleaning companies as well as individual contractors. The upfront benefit of individual cleaners and contracted cleaners that you might find on a job board is the lower costs. However, what you save up front may be problematic in the long run. The cleaners at Glenn Group highlight the benefits of contacting a professional company, even though the costs to hire them may be more. These include the fact that they have insurances in place as they must have them in order to establish and operate their cleaning business. This includes insurances set that prevent or address situations such as theft, property damage, or accidents that happen on the commercial property. If you don’t have these insurances in place, you are putting yourself at risk to have legal action taken against you in the event that a specific situation arises.


Consider how long a company has been in business for, and official accreditation of that business. It is always great to hire cleaners from start ups in order to support small and growing businesses, but depending on your needs for commercial cleaning, you may want to consider experience with much more priority. There may be a few risks of newer businesses over longer established ones. When a company has been operating for a long time, they have had the time and experience to ensure that they work efficiently when it comes to training, actual cleaning, dealing with companies, and everything in between. Another risk of newly formed businesses is that a poorly managed or poorly run business may shut down and rebrand completely, in attempts to remove history that may indicate poor services. This is key to figure out when you are looking to hire cleaners and don’t have other recommendations or referrals, and need to ensure safety and security of your commercial business or property. A properly licensed and registered company will have experience that you can easily identify and confirm, providing you confidence to hire them.

Cleaning Tools, Equipment, And Products

When you are considering cleaning companies and cleaners to hire, do your research to find out not only what services are provided, but what the tools, equipment and cleaning products that company will either provide or need. For commercial businesses, consider purchasing in house products, especially if you are a larger business. Relying on a company for their tools, equipment and supplies may seem easy, but you are unable to confirm that those tools such as mops and brooms are cleaned prior to your job and after any other job the company may use. Additionally, you are able to monitor costs for such supplies as you restock them yourself, cutting down on additional fees to have the cleaning company supply everything. Of course, this may vary from business to business, as your commercial needs may be different from others. 

Hiring a cleaning company for your commercial needs is a process that demands extensive thought and research. You want to ensure that you provide your business and property the best and most reliable services. You are letting strangers into your space and need to be able to trust them in a professional setting.