How To Properly Clean Your Office During The COVID Pandemic


The advent of COVID-19, a new coronavirus illness, has had an unparalleled influence on the way we live and work in just a few weeks. While many firms are going to remote work, there are still some occupations that require people to be on-site in order to accomplish their duties properly. COVID-19 is caused by a virus that can infect people by contact with surfaces. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces can also help to minimize infection. Here are some suggestions for keeping your workplace clean throughout the epidemic.


Cleaning Products and Services

Your regular cleaning supplies should suffice. If you’re changing your routine, be sure the materials you’re using are safe for the surface and the environment. After each use, wash the cloths and other reusable cleaning goods in soap and water. Store cleaning goods safely and use them at the manufacturer’s suggested concentration. To be on the safe side, you may hire a cleaning company like to assist you with high-level workplace upkeep. They will assist you with virus removal, cleaning, and sanitization. These companies should be consulted for thorough disinfection cleaning services. 

Cleaning Your Desk

First and foremost, unplug everything. Don’t just turn everything off. If circuitry comes into touch with cleaning fluids, powered-down gadgets will normally contain a modest standby current, which can be harmful or destructive. It’s also simpler to move things about if they’re not still connected to a power outlet, so make sure to unhook displays, keyboards, computer mouse, desk fans, and other devices before you start. 

Start with the items on top of your desk once the power has been turned off, then go on to the various computer attachments and contents of desk drawers. Using alcohol-based, antibacterial disinfectant wipes, clean off the most frequently used office equipment and accessories, such as pens, staplers, scissors, calculators. 

If you’ve completely cleaned your desk, now is the time to wipe down every surface with a dry cloth to eliminate any dust that has gathered. After that, clean the whole surface using disinfectant wipes, paying special attention to the sections of the desk that you touch the most, such as the desk edges and the regions around the keyboard. Allow five minutes for surfaces to dry for effective disinfection.

Cleaning Your Computer Screen

Dust, filth, and grease smudges can accumulate on your monitor over time, especially if you often touch it.  Cleaning a computer screen needs a bit more care and attention than cleaning other objects on your desk, so here are some cleaning recommendations to avoid damaging the monitor’s sensitive components.

Cleaning agents should not be applied directly to the display as a rule. Liquids can soak through the thin outer layer of the screen, causing damage and discoloration to the monitor. Rather, wet a clean microfiber cloth with cold water and completely dry it before wiping the screen with long, side-to-side sweeps. Avoid putting paper towels or rougher cleaning rags on the screen since they may damage or dull it.

Cleaning Your Phone

Your desk phone, which is especially susceptible to germs and bacteria distributed from your lips and fingers, should be disinfected once a day and soon after it has been used by some other person.

Unplug the phone so you don’t make an accidental call, then wipe out every area, giving special care to the handset, mouthpiece, and keypad. Use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to get into every crevice for a thorough clean.

Some Basic, But Essential Tips

You must pay close attention to the following items to make your workplace as clean as possible:

– Keep surfaces free of clutter so that cleaning may be done more efficiently.

– Clean areas according to your cleaning schedule.

– To ensure that toilets, showers, and changing facilities are maintained clean, establish explicit guidelines for their usage and maintenance.

– Between uses, clean the workspace and equipment.

– Objects and surfaces that are touched often should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

– If tools or vehicles are shared, make sure they are cleaned after each use. 

– Every evening before leaving the workplace, spend a minute or two washing off exposed surfaces, desk phones, and accessories such as keyboards and mouse with a disinfectant wipe.

As an employer, you must take reasonable precautions to safeguard your employees and others from the coronavirus (COVID-19). Coronavirus may spread from person to person and from surface to surface. Others who come into contact with the same things can catch it. Keeping your workplace clean and washing your hands often decreases the risk of coronavirus spreading and is an important element of getting and keeping your business up and running safely.