Innovation in public safety, digital evidence and discovery is here!


Public safety technology is generally designed and built for specific roles or purposes within the criminal justice workflow. The technologies, processes and people don’t necessarily mesh perfectly. Every agency seems to be tasked with increasing workload, flattened (or sometimes reduced) budgets, and challenges with labor resources. Now you have a real opportunity to improve processes and communication between agencies.

e-BodyGuard’s innovative technology improves public safety and transforms the
collection and storage of digital evidence and discovery.

Single platform – the digital evidence from the community through the court
system flows through in an automated fashion; it is no longer siloed into a
variety of different systems that don’t communicate
Vendor agnostic – video from any bodycam vendor and from other sources is
collected and stored securely in the cloud, reducing high costs of storage
FBI CJIS compliance – The objective digital evidence, such as cell phone audio,
GPS location and bodycam video cannot be altered and is transmitted securely e-BodyGuard Versatile (EV), the public safety app, contains a Safety Card in which the user can enter pre-911 call information, such as a description of a person they fear, protection orders or medical information. When a 911 call is placed via the red button, the stored
information is automatically transmitted to the closest of the 6,100 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) using GPS location data, which is far more accurate than cell towers. First responders and law enforcement are better prepared to handle the emergency.

“Your data is kept safe in the right hands because you have control. We serve
as a bridge of support to emergency assistance and swift due process
for criminal justice. We help the people that need to help you.”
Melissa Faith Hart, e-BodyGuard Founder & CEO

Both victims and defendants are given an objective voice. The trust and transparency provided through system interoperability will lead to better outcomes for public safety and criminal justice.