Michael Sassano, Founder & CEO, Somai Pharmaceuticals LTD, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

About Michael Sassano and Somai Pharmaceuticals LTD:

Michael Sassano is well known as one of the original investors in the cannabis industry. He is celebrated prominently in both mainstream business and cannabis media as an international authority on large-scale cannabis cultivation and medical product development. Michael is also widely respected for consistently predicting long term market trends.

In July 2020, Michael led a merger of the cannabis cultivation company he built called Solaris Farms, with The Sanctuary, a local Las Vegas brand operating two dispensaries and an extraction facility. In the four years prior, Michael was able to build Solaris out from a bare lot of land with just private equity into one of the largest and most well respected cannabis cultivation operations in the state of Nevada. As a result of the merger, Solaris is now one of the top ten private vertically-integrated cannabis companies in the state. Michael remains on the advisory board and will help sell the new vertical to a larger company in the future.

Michael has since shifted focus to his role as CEO and Chairman of the Board for Somai Pharmaceuticals LTD,an Ireland-based holding company centered on investing in manufacturing and distribution of GMP-certified cannabinoid-containing pharmaceutical products throughout the European Union. Taking with him the superior cultivation and product development knowledge honed in the competitive American west coast market, Somai is one of the first American-run companies operating across legal European markets.

Somai is currently building scalable high out-put facilities in Portugal and developing various strategic countries in Europe. The idea is to carefully develop processes for scalability and get proper registrations in order to expand as new countries legalize medical cannabis and new markets and demographics become available. As the continent ultimately comes fully online, Somai will be positioned as a top global manufacturer and distributor of EU-GMP-certified cannabis pharmaceuticals.

SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals is a large-scale manufacturer of cannabis products, concentrating on the highest quality medical-grade pharmacological applications. We extract and purify bulk primary APIs of THC, THCa, CBD, CBN and other cannabinoids from the finest chosen cannabis flower. SOMAÍ’s proprietary formulations have multiple combinations of cannabinoid concentrations which can be delivered by gel capsules, drops, transdermal patches and other innovative delivery methods.

All our products conform to the highest pharmaceutical standards and are produced with the latest technology to ensure consistency. Our team understands cannabis products and patient needs because of our vast experience on the west coast of USA, and we continue to research and develop the most innovative treatments for the World at our newest state-of-art Portuguese manufacturing facility.