Noel Carroll, Chief Executive Officer, Biofriendly Corporation, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

About Noel Carroll and Biofriendly Corporation:

A life of marketing and business development has led to an odd career path. Viral video and website promotion, soccer goal manufacturing, feature filmmaking, and now… environmentalism? It has been a winding and diverse career, though looking back, I guess I would have it no other way.

While filmmaking was my dream job and I have heard more than once that people are ready for another Harker movie, the opportunity to run one of the fastest growing environmental companies in America was too important to pass up. Environmentalism has become an embattled, political topic and it needn’t be. I have met and befriended many people from all political and socio-economic backgrounds and most people overwhelmingly agree that a cleaner planet is a good thing. But we’re not listening to each other anymore and that just doesn’t work. At Biofriendly, it will be our mission to not only bring easy, green solutions for the world’s most pressing planetary problems, but also, to make environmentalism fun and approachable for anyone.

Biofriendly Corporation was formed to help humanity tackle the ever-present problem of environmental damage. The company’s first target was to help solve the global problem of air pollution. We live in a world that continues to bloom technologically and the need for electricity, shipping services and high-speed transportation has never been greater. Unfortunately, this still creates more and more pollution despite the worldwide effort to move toward renewable fuels and energy.

That’s where we come in.

Biofriendly’s flagship product, Green Plus® energy transition fuel additive has been verified to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the US Environmental Protection Agency as part of their Texas Low Emission Diesel program. Green Plus is also part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, having received a UN Eco-Label from UNITAR and CIFAL Argentina for its positive impact on carbon emissions. To date, Green Plus has prevented over 8 million tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere and removed the emissions equivalent of a 200-mile lineup of cars from the road each year.

Biofriendly wholeheartedly supports the energy transition that we are seeing in developed countries from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources and electric vehicles. As such, we focus our efforts on cleaning the fossil fuels that have the longest path to transition. In developed countries, Green Plus is mostly found in diesel and fuel oil (as there are less electric options for large trucks and marine vessels), we are engaged in research and development to reduce aviation emissions. When treating fuels that require gasoline and ethanol, we focus our efforts on developing countries, where significant market penetration for electric vehicles is still many years, if not decades, away.

Biofriendly’s purpose is much grander than the fight against air pollution. There are many more problems that affect the health of the planet and we wish to do our part to solve those too. Furthermore, as humans continue to grow and innovate, new environmental problems will certainly arise. To confront this, we created Biofriendly Planet, an online network that provides, news, education and entertainment to inform and engage the environmental advocates of tomorrow.

Finally, Biofriendly seeks out and invests in new, green technology, and supports green and humanitarian organizations who share in our quest for a better planet.