Ofir Badash, Co-Founder & CEO, Miami Arak, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

About Ofir Badash and Miami Arak:

Incubating great ideas with talented partners on our way for execution.

In a city steeped in rich history and cultural influences, the makers of Miami Arak are blending the traditional anise-tasting liqueur of the Eastern Mediterranean with the flavors of modern-day Miami life.

Arak has long been a popular alcoholic drink to enjoy with friends, family, and great food. Now, Miami Arak brings timeless formulas together with unique, bold, fresh, and FUN flavors! Toast to a good time with Bubble Gum, Espresso, Lychee, Lemon Lime, or Toasted Marshmallow flavors — inspired by the vibrant pop culture, art deco, and immersive music scene of Miami.

Miami Arak is a locally-owned and operated distillery in Miami. Our goal is to take the traditional Eastern Mediterranean recipe for arak — simply, grapes indigenous to Lebanon and aniseed — and infuse it with distinctive flavors that strike the palate and piques the curiosity for more. We source ingredients from the Mediterranean and use only natural flavors and the highest-quality ingredients to craft each small batch of arak.

Our unique arak flavors are perfect for a night out, or a night in! Give a bottle as a hostess gift, and keep a bottle on-hand for an ice-cold, refreshing drink any time. Keep it real with the Original, or give your tastebuds a treat with one of our 5 other flavors.

Toast to good vibes & happiness!

Miami Arak, LLC blends the traditional anise-flavored liqueur of the Eastern Mediterranean with popular flavors of modern-day Miami life. Miami Arak’s distillery uses timeless formulas to produce unique, bold, fresh, and fun flavors.

Each batch of Miami Arak is produced from the finest ingredients sourced from the Mediterranean and combined with natural flavors in Miami. The result: a top-shelf quality Arak that goes down as smoothly as the flavors hit every note in your taste buds.

For centuries Arak has been the staple liqueur that’s brought people together in isolated regions of the world. Miami Arak is already breaking cultural and gender boundaries because of its irresistible quality and recognizable fun flavors.

This revolution in Arak is an evolution in how we will celebrate as one for Centuries more to come. These are times to come together, and we’re delivering a great way to do so!