Plans Examiners Inc: DotCom Magazine Reveals Its Annual List of America’s Most Impactful Privately Held Companies – Plans Examiners Inc Awarded 2021 Impact Company of The Year Award

John P. Barnett, Chief Executive Officer, Plans Examiners Inc.
John P. Barnett, Chief Executive Officer, Plans Examiners Inc.

SAN FRANCISCO, DATE – DotCom Magazine today announced that The Plans Examiners Inc has been selected to join its annual Impact Company of The Year List For 2021. The DotCom Magazine Impact Company of The Year 2021 Award celebrates the most important segment of the economy – America’s privately owned companies whose Founders, CEOs and Amazing Team Members are making an important impact in the economy.

DotCom Magazine has honored Plans Examiners Inc as making a positive difference in an incredibly unique year. The DotCom Magazine 2021 Impact Company of The Year Awards celebrates shapeshifting entrepreneurs and their companies. When a company makes an impact, not only are they helping their clients, but they are also helping the world become a better place.

Andy Jacob, CEO of DotCom Magazine says, “We appreciate the selfless commitment that leaders and entrepreneurs make to their brand. We are honored to award great companies our DotCom Magazine 2021 Impact Company of The Year Award. At DotCom Magazine, we believe entrepreneurs are the heartbeat of the world in so many ways. We believe it is a world where risktakers must be lauded, saluted, and respected. 2021 is an incredibly unique year in so many ways. Companies have so many ways to make an impact, and that’s why each company’s unique impact is so important than ever before. Our award winners have courage and an unyielding passion to grow and contribute in incredibly unique ways.

Jacob continues, “In 2021, everyone talks about uncertain times. In 2021, we believe it is the leaders of impactful companies that stick their head up above the crowd, and say “we can do this”, “we will get it done”, “we will make this happen”, “we are willing to pay the price, and “we will turn uncertainty into opportunity. Our award winners are selected for leadership. Their company leads and their business system leads, we consider our award winners lamplighters. We believe we need more courageous entrepreneurs bringing light into the world by building compelling companies that make a difference.

“It’s a distinct honor to be recognized among such a respected group of privately owned companies that are moving the needle on business strategy and making significant impact on the economy. We’d like to thank DotCom Magazine for recognizing how important it is to align profits, strategy and vision with positive impact that extends beyond board rooms and balance sheets,” said John P. Barnett, Chief Executive Officer, Plans Examiners Inc. “We’d also like to thank all of the organizations and individuals we’ve had the privilege of working with over the past year. In the spirit of partnership, Plans Examiners Inc’s work is truly a shared collective that is empowered by our network of beloved clients and partners – who inspire business excellence every day and every step of the way.”

About The Plans Examiners Inc: We are a full-service plans examination, inspection and code consulting agency serving Municipalities, Design Professionals, Construction Companies, Private Owners, Developers, Government Agencies, and anyone concerned with the building code compliance and safety of their building project.
Our professionals have a proven track record and demonstrated experience in practical application of building codes to new and existing commercial structures.
When you hire our agency to perform a full code compliance and coordination review (plans check) of your construction documents, most likely you will save several times the cost of our services, in the form of reduction of potential change orders, errors, omissions, and/or potential code related issues.
We offer on-site inspection services for construction projects, to verify specification compliance, to perform commissioning services, and to act as a “third party” official code compliance inspector when acceptable to the AHJ (Authority having jurisdiction).
Plans Examiners, Inc. is a military veteran owned company founded in 2005. Since its inception, we have served over (132) communities throughout the Americas to include projects in twenty-six states and (8) provinces in Canada as well as Panama and Mexico.
We have performed 50,000 individual inspections in Pennsylvania with only one reported incident requiring adjudication and for which the court determined zero culpability prior to trial.
Plans Examiners, Inc. has experience in assisting and being the sole Third-Party Agency for a variety of different municipalities with varying needs to include rapidly growing suburban, inner city, rural and under-resourced areas requiring extra care in establishing best practices for code and building administration.
Our personnel has years of experience with a wealth of practical knowledge which is unique to our field. Due to our length of time providing services to municipalities, Plans Examiners, Inc. can confidently perform with efficiency and excellence all areas of code enforcement and analysis to include plan review(s) to final inspection(s) as required to issue the occupancy permit.
Beyond the professional abilities and credentials to perform this work, we would be remiss if we did not highlight three compelling strengths of our company:
1. Plans Examiners, Inc. has a proven history of saving both municipalities and developers significant resources through our code analysis expertise.
2. Plans Examiners, Inc. conducts all business matters with integrity while maintaining a commitment to cordial and professional customer service.
3. Digital plan review utilizing Bluebeam as a convenient and time saving service offered to our customers
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John P. Barnett