Stephanie Dorwart, Chief Executive Officer, Altius Healthcare Consulting Group, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

About Stephanie Dorwart and Altius Healthcare Consulting Group:

Ms. Dorwart currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of ALTIUS,supporting all active consulting engagements by overseeing project timelines, analyses and client deliverables to ensure successful outcomes. In Addition, she often lends an on-site presence when specific engagements call for her help and expertise. As the architect of a successful labor management system, Stephanie has poured her talents into the development and execution of Performance Improvement processes and tools for the healthcare industry over the last 15 years.

Prior to assuming ownership, Ms. Dorwart served as Executive Vice President & COO of a successful healthcare consulting firm which she rebranded to become ALTIUS. In this role, Ms. Dorwart achieved numerous client success stories. Her hands-on approach has taken her to interface with clients from small, rural hospitals to large, urban academic medical centers. Whether she was leading a project towards decreasing expenses, increasing market share,or maintaining current staffing levels she did so with a focus on improving bottom lines, quality outcomes and patient/staff satisfaction for each client.Her exceptional analytical and mathematical skills, combined with in-depth practical healthcare experience, have contributed to her many professional accomplishments to date.

Stephanie has been instrumental in keeping a steady line of business flowing through the firm, forging new client relationships as well as securing additional project work with existing clients. She works tirelessly to ensure that timelines and deliverables are being met and that all engagements are staying within the designated budget in order to generate a position revenue stream and enhance the ROI for the firm’s clients. Ms. Dorwart always strives to deliver more than 10:0 ROI back to client organizations.

Altius Healthcare Consulting Group (Altius) specializes in providing resources, expertise, knowledge and tools to healthcare organizations wishing to dramatically improve their operating margin through workforce optimization and process improvement. During our engagements, ALTIUS has built a continuous track record of delivering in excess of a 10:1 return on investment to our clients. ALTIUS focuses on delivering high-quality performance improvement solutions, including operational assessments and productivity/benchmarking initiatives, that meet the ever-changing needs of hospitals and healthcare systems.

With nearly 20 years of experience in healthcare, I have focused my consulting career in the following areas: Productivity, Efficiency, Benchmarking, Workforce Optimization, Labor Management, Skill Mix Analysis, Span of Control, Change Management, Financial Turnarounds, Rapid Performance Improvement, Overtime Reduction, Organizational Assessments, Strategic Planning, Market Assessments, Transformation, Consolidation Services, System and Overhead Analysis, Staffing Pro-Forma, Budget Support, Target Development, Dashboard Development.

Experience You Can Trust

At ALTIUS, it’s all about an effective approach. Just as we have developed our style of business, ALTIUS assists healthcare organizations, no matter the circumstance, in the same manner. We partner with hospitals and health systems to improve operational and fiscal performance; we implement customized products to suit client needs; we offer education and support as required to ensure adoptability and success; and we provide access to the data and tools necessary to track progress and instill accountability. The ALTIUS staff accomplishes all of this with a strong client focus and the least amount of intrusion. We’ve learned how to leverage our talents and services to support our clients in their goals of workforce optimization and fiscal viability. Our services are robust and the ALTIUS team of consultants collaborate to deliver results that are unparalleled.

“Being as efficient as possible – this has been and will continue to be the guiding principle that ALTIUS operates under. I am proud of each and every member of our firm who has contributed to its extraordinary reputation and works tirelessly to impart this forward-thinking business approach industrywide.”