Tom Joseph, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Bookminders, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

About Tom Joseph and Bookminders:

Bookminders is a premier outsourced bookkeeping service with clients in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Baltimore. The company provides timely, accurate and cost effective solutions for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. The company’s unique approach affords work-life to our staff of degreed accountants, while providing clients access to highly skilled professionals they otherwise couldn’t afford.

The inspiration for Bookminders occurred when my college educated sisters, who were busy raising families, had difficulty finding jobs with flexible work hours. This led to the creation of a company where work-life balance is the rule, not the exception. Bookminders success is due to our ability to attract highly skilled accountants and our cloud-based platform which provides the backbone for our home-based workforce.

The concept of Bookminders came about in 1984 when the Joseph family needed someone to run the accounting system for the family business. One of the family’s daughters had recently left the workforce to concentrate on her family, but was willing to do the job if she could do most of the work from home.

During this time, it became evident there were a growing number of talented, educated professionals who wanted to work, but had family commitments that wouldn’t support a 9 to 5 schedule. The simple idea of utilizing a home-based workforce turned into a great place to work when Bookminders was launched in 1991.

Bookminders’ unique employment model appeals to accountants who traditionally struggled to achieve work-life balance. Over the past 25 years, Bookminders has grown to be an industry leader in outsourced bookkeeping and is the Mid-Atlantic’s premier bookkeeping service.

The Philadelphia office of Bookminders opened in 2006. In 2017, Bookminders experienced unprecedented growth with the opening of two new offices: Cherry Hill, New Jersey in the spring and Baltimore, Maryland in the fall.

Bookminders has been honored by the American Society of Women Accountants as a Work/Life Balance “Company of the Year”, recognized as Pennsylvania’s “Home-based Business Champion” by the U.S. SBA, and named a seven-time recipient of the Pittsburgh Business Times’ “100 Fastest Growing Private Companies”.