Top Drinks To Detoxify Your Body And Improve Your Overall Health


It’s true that eating the right kinds of food, exercising, and maintaining a healthy mind are key components of a healthy body. Most people tend to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. They are either leading an extremely sedentary lifestyle and not caring much about what they put into their body, or they are going above and beyond what they need to do to just maintain. They are eating all kinds of good food with the right mix of carbs, fats, and proteins and they are also working out intensely multiple times a week. However, in both situations, the effect is not only on the appearance of the body but also the condition of the body as an organism.


Extreme stress, whether it is caused by being immobile or working out too much, is never healthy for the body. You need to get a good balance between both training and rest and also consider the nutritional value of the food you put into your body. Eating a ‘clean’ diet and taking all kinds of supplements doesn’t necessarily mean you are eating a healthy diet. Health is achieved by providing your body with what it needs rather than what you want to feed it in order to look a certain way. A key component of health is to allow your body to relax and release all the pollution that we have stored up inside. Fasting is a great way to do that, but if you don’t enjoy staying hungry and thirsty for extended periods of time, these detoxifying beverages can help you achieve a similar result.

1.  Water

We’ve all been told to drink a certain number of glasses of water in a day, but few people religiously follow this rule. This idea of drinking enough water is not just to keep you hydrated but also to give your body the fuel that it needs to perform its own cleansing processes and energy to maximize the nutrients that it receives. Water plays a pivotal role in every process in the body whether that is growth, digestion, or healing. If you have a poor diet or you have been drinking heavily recently, water will help flush your system of everything that the body doesn’t need. We use water to clean everything on the outside, there is no reason that water cannot help us clean things on the inside too.

2.  Cranberry Juice

One of the main reasons why people don’t enjoy drinking water is because of the taste. We have become so used to drinking sodas and artificial juices that plain water just doesn’t seem that appetizing. It’s even worse when you have to chug a big jug of it. Cranberry juice is a great alternative and it is a very potent liquid to flush out your system that has a lot of antioxidant properties. In fact, it’s so potent, you can even overdo it. The best solution is to keep your per-day intake at less than 32oz. Anything more than this will be counterproductive and will be too much for the body to handle. Also, make sure you dilute the juice before you drink it. Plain water works great or you could use club soda.

3.  Pomegranate Juice

Most people will not have access to fresh cranberries all around the year, so a packaged option is the best bet. On the other hand, pomegranates are usually available all year round and they aren’t too expensive either. Plus you can eat the fruit if you don’t like drinking it. Not only do pomegranates taste amazing but they have a range of benefits that are going to help you do a lot more than just detox. In fact, this fruit has been shown to help with cancer, fight off cardiovascular problems, help diabetes and assist in many other medical problems. If you can, get fresh pomegranates and make the juice yourself. Add a touch of salt if the taste is too harsh for your liking. You can also throw in some carrots and some fresh orange juice to make an even more delicious and powerful smoothie.


If you are looking for some warm options then consider ginger tea or plain black coffee. All you need for ginger tea is some fresh, sliced ginger and hot water. Let the ginger soak in the hot water for a few minutes until the water gets a golden tinge and add a teaspoon or two of organic honey. This is an extremely comforting beverage on a cold winter night. Add a touch of fresh lemon as well if you enjoy that fresh, zesty taste. This is something you can make a big thermos of in the morning and sip throughout the day. While it will detox, it will also do a fantastic job at fighting off a cold, flu, or sore throat.