What Compensation Can Be Recovered For A Motorcycle Wreck

Motorcycle Wreck

A motorcycle wreck can be a very serious thing. Unlike when you are in a car, there is nothing to protect you from the impact of a collision when you are on a bike. This can lead to catastrophic injuries for the driver. There are steps that can be taken to get compensation for the injuries suffered in a motorcycle wreck, and here are some tips that can help you know what kind of compensation you’re eligible for and which steps to take in order to get it.

Motorcycle Wreck

1. Do You Qualify For Compensation?

It should be said that you can’t get compensation if someone just grazed you. While it can be traumatic – there’s no doubt about it, unfortunately, you need to suffer physical consequences in order to qualify. As San Antonio motorcycle injury lawyers explain, if you’ve suffered a serious injury in an accident because of someone else’s negligence, you are more than likely due compensation. You can get monetary compensation to cover the cost of your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. How much you can get exactly will heavily depend on the individual circumstances of your case. That means that, depending on the extent of your injuries, the treatment you needed, how much work you had to take off for recovery, and even whether you’re able to get back to your old job, all play a part in determining the exact amount. Of course, the damages caused to your bike, or to be more precise – the cost of fixing it can also be a factor in determining the compensation sum.

2. Medical Expenses

The first thing that needs to be considered when looking at what compensation can be recovered in a motorcycle wreck is medical expenses. If you have been injured in a wreck, you are likely to have bills from the hospital, doctors, and other medical professionals. These bills can be expensive, and it is important to get the full amount of compensation that you deserve in order to pay for these bills. Whatever treatment you were administered, it’s important that you get a copy of your medical records, as well as the bill. This will not only establish the extent of your injuries but will also prove how high the cost went when it came to treating them. If your wreck was caused by another person’s negligence, they should be legally responsible for paying these costs and should do so in a timely manner. It’s important to keep this in mind because some people aren’t sure which treatment to agree to because of financial constraints. This is not something you should have to worry about when going through a situation like this.

3. Lost Wages And Other Losses

Another thing that needs to be considered when looking at what compensation can be recovered in a motorcycle wreck is lost wages and other losses. In many cases, those who were involved in this type of accident have not been able to return to their jobs following the accident. This can be due to the severity of injuries or time spent recovering from them. If you have been unable to continue working because of a motorcycle wreck, you need to have the lost wages compensated. These are not just regular wages but any kind of compensation you would have received had you been able to continue working – including commissions, bonuses, and more. This is always important, of course, but perhaps even more so if you’re the breadwinner in your family. It’s important to know that you are still able to provide for them and that your accident doesn’t mean they have to suffer as well.

4. Gather Evidence

While, as previously mentioned, there are additional factors that can play a role in the potential compensation you’re going to get, the medical costs, as well as lost wages, are the two biggest ones. In that sense, no matter what other costs you’ve encountered during this time, it’s important to remember that one of the best things you can do after a motorcycle wreck is to gather evidence. Doing so will be much easier if you contact a lawyer that has a lot of experience in things like this. In any case, though, this means taking pictures of the scene, getting contact information for any witnesses, and keeping track of all your medical expenses. It’s also important to keep an eye on your medical condition so that you can note any changes or improvements. You may need this later if you’re fighting for compensation, and it will definitely help to have written records of everything.

Motorcycle wrecks are serious things, and they can often result in very severe injuries. If you’ve been involved in one, it’s important to take the time to understand what compensation you may be able to recover. This includes medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses. Make sure to gather evidence following the accident and to keep track of your medical condition for future use. The safest road to getting the proper compensation you’re owed is to contact a lawyer you trust and take it from there.