6 Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions For Your Products


In business, it’s not always about the money. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to do good for the planet. As an entrepreneur, you should be at the forefront of eco-friendly packaging solutions. You can save a lot of money by going green with your products and services. This article will go ahead to show you how you can go green without spending a fortune.

Custom recyclable bags

Have you ever gone shopping in the local store or a clothing line, and your items were packed in a well-done customized bag? Well, that was custom recycling! It is an eco-friendly package solution that costs very little. All you need are recycled materials such as paper, plastic, cardboard, etc.

They are cost-effective, and you don’t need any special skills to create them. On top of that, you can have your bags designed with your brand name or logo on them. So if you want to get your product out there, people will know where they came from.

Make use of reusable containers

When choosing the perfect packaging option, it’s essential to consider where your packaging will end after being used. If you plan to reuse it, you’ll need something durable and strong. Reusable packages not only work for buyers but also help you reduce waste.

You can find these containers online or even at your local grocery store. Some companies offer free delivery services, so you don’t have to worry about finding one yourself.

Eco-friendly and recycled plastic

Plenty of plastic finds its way to the water bodies, as mentioned earlier. The problem with this material is that it doesn’t break down quickly.

As a business, what can you do to help reduce the number of plastic materials finding their way into the environment? One thing you can do is choose to use more eco-friendly and recycled plastics. 

This means collecting all your old plastic bottles and other plastic parts and turning them into new products. For this campaign to be effective, you have to reward the consumers to encourage them to return the bottles. This could mean offering discounts to customers who bring back empty bottles.

Use recyclable packing peanuts

If you’re a partygoer, you might have seen those tiny pieces of paper that are placed inside the boxes. Those are called packing peanuts. If you want to be environmentally-cautious, you can use these instead of regular ones.

There are many ways you can use packing peanuts. For example, you can put them between layers of boxes to keep your goods safe during transit. Another option is to place them around the sides of boxes to prevent shifting while moving.

Plant-based packaging

Recently, the use of plant-based packaging has become popular. Several brands produce plant-based packaging.

One of the primary reasons people opt for these kinds of packaging is that they are sustainable. You don’t have to freak out about the environment because they are completely compostable.

Some of the known plant-based packaging to consider include:

– Mushroom-based packaging – It’s been a while since IKEA introduced mushroom-based packaging. However, it seems like they still haven’t stopped producing these types of packaging.

– Potato-based packaging– The Guardian, one of the best environmental news sources, reported that it would no longer be wrapping its newspapers using plastic. They settled for an alternative, potato-based packaging.

– Plastic food packaging– If your business deals with the food, you probably understand the opposition that comes with switching from traditional plastic. One disadvantage is that you can lower the shelf life of your product by doing so. If that’s your primary concern, then you have to stop worrying. Plantic Food uses biodegradable polymers that allow the product to last longer without affecting the quality.

Recycled paperboard boxes


Another great way to recycle is using recycled paperboard boxes. These boxes are made out of recycled paper, which makes them biodegradable. They are also reusable, so you won’t have to buy another box when you’re done.

These boxes are perfect for shipping purposes because they are sturdy enough to withstand rough handling. They come in different sizes, making it easy to fit your products into them.

Your product packaging is a huge determiner of how successful your company becomes. So, if you want to make sure that your brand stays on top, you need to invest your resources into ensuring that your packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible. Highlighted above are some of the top options available to you. If you are unsure of the way to go, these six options should help you get started.