6 Questions You Should Ask An Attorney Before Hiring Them


It would be a relatively pleasant life if we were able to get through without having to deal with any kind of law enforcement whatsoever, but let’s face it- this is just not realistic at all. As you delve deeper into adulthood, you soon begin to realize that there are a lot of laws, rules, and regulations that you need to deal with. The real issue lies in how much you don’t know. If you try to cruise through your life without knowing much about how the laws work where you live, it’s going to catch up with you sooner or later. Area This is why it makes perfect sense that you have a lawyer or firm that you can trust and rely on to guide you through anything legal that you might have to deal with at any given point in your life. The real challenge begins at actually knowing how to pick the right lawyers, because, let’s face it – they’re a dime a dozen. This is where we come in to help you. Here are 6 questions you need to ask an attorney to really understand whether you can trust and hire them for their services or not. 


What Do They Charge and Do They Need a Retainer?

This is the first question you need to ask because quite frankly, even if you do like the lawyer and they tick all the boxes, it really doesn’t matter if you can’t afford their services. Hiring a lawyer has many levels of expenses to it, so this is a crucial question to ask. The first thing you need to know is that do they require a retainer? This is a sum of money that they ask for upfront for their services. Also, ask whether this amount is refundable should you not use all of it for whatever service they require. Find out what their paralegal fees are, and also ask about the breakdown of the cost of their services. The key is to always have transparency. 

What Kinds of Cases Do They Specialize in?

When you go visit a firm or an attorney, it’s extremely important to find out what kind of cases they specialize in. The field of the law is vast and it would be unwise to assume that any lawyer can handle any kind of case for you. You also need to make sure that you’re aware of the current city or state you live in. If you live in the US, for instance, the laws in Houston will differ from some laws in other states. So if you get involved in any kind of accident and you live or are visiting Houston at the time, it only makes sense to find a personal injury lawyer in Sugar Land, Houston because this will be their specialty and they’ll be able to provide you with details on what kind of laws fall under this specific area. Regardless of where you are in the world, you need to understand how well informed your lawyer is in specific genres of the law that you feel apply to your needs and gauge their take on how they interpret these laws as well. 

What is Their Success Rate for Past Cases?

The next step is to figure out what their success rate is. It’s a great thing for them to be knowledgeable in the area that you’re concerned about, but it’s important to find out how talented they are in dealing with cases similar to yours. Ask them about their past cases to see how many they’ve dealt with and what the outcomes were as well. 

Who Will Be Working on Your Case?

If you’re approaching a law firm, and you sit with an attorney and actually develop rapport with them and feel comfortable, it’s imperative that you ask whether they will be handling your case or whether the work will be delegated to someone else. This happens often and you need to make sure that you’re comfortable with whoever is taking the lead in your situation. 

Do They Have a Communications Policy?

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of first impressions. Lawyers specialize in negotiation and communication, so it’s very easy to get drawn in with their charms. Don’t let that happen to you, because you always need to remember that constant communication and transparency are the top priorities with the attorney you choose for yourself. This is why you have to ask about their communication policy as this will clarify what their take on it is as well. 

What About Their Client Reviews?

Last but not least, ask them for client reviews and information about past cases. You’ve struck gold if you have a lawyer that’s actually honest about their past cases. You can follow up on this information by doing a bit of research and asking around about their reputation.


Having the right lawyer is essential because they are the difference between you leading a stress-free and complicated life when it comes to dealing with the law. You are going to have to find one that you can rely on and communicate with easily. Using the 6 questions provided here, you’re bound to find the exact right fit for yourself in no time.