Guy Benjamin, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Insurights Inc, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

    About Guy Benjamin and Insurights Inc:

    Insurights developed an AI powered platform that is designed to support every employee with healthcare benefits navigate their plans and optimize care.

    Insurights is an AI-powered digital platform that becomes the organization’s Chief Health Officer. It provides employees on-the-spot answers to their health coverage and benefits questions, helps them find lower-cost providers, and lets them know about relevant preventive care benefits to ensure they are healthier.
    It is a true game-changer for how employees interact with their healthcare and a huge time saver for HR departments.

    Contact us for a FREE TRIAL at and learn more about how Insurights can help you and your employees or check out our webpage at

    Our mission is to help your employees be healthier, more productive, and happier by making health benefits simple and accessible to everyone, everywhere.

    We’re there for your employees:

    We take away the aggravation of calling a call center or emailing HR about your health coverages.

    In addition, we help them reduce healthcare spending by making them much more informed about their options.

    And that’s right, we’re also here for you, the employer:

    Insurights allows you, the employer or HR leader, to understand if you are providing the right health benefits to your employees and pick the best plans to offer.

    Our dashboards will let you:

    – Know the benefits that your employees care about but are not covered. – Which benefits they care the most about.

    – Which ones they could live without.

    – Add data to your health benefits selection process

    – Ensure you are covering what your employees truly need.