Jamie Valenzuela-Mumau, Ed.D. , CEO, Coherent Educational Solutions, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

    About Jamie Valenzuela-Mumau, Ed.D. and Coherent Educational Solutions:

    Jamie has demonstrated success in supporting the professional growth of teachers and administrators. He has been a mathematics teacher, as well as a site, district, and county administrator at both elementary and secondary level educational institutions. Jamie has been in educational executive management at the county level as well as served as Superintendent of Schools. His work includes positions in publicly funded school districts as well as charter schools. Jamie remains involved in the delivery of professional learning as an instructor in higher education as well as a partner consultant for a reputable educational service

    Jamie’s passion is to partner with educators who are student-focused, value continued learning, and willing to engage in best practices to support all students to become assessment-capable learners who will build their capacity to set goals, move along the learning continuum developing agency and efficacy, and employ evidence-based strategies to reach their greatest potential.

    CoherentED’s work is committed to ending social injustice for underserved, neglected, and marginalized students by equipping educational communities with innovative solutions that are proven to transform education.

    Our goal is to Improve Student Outcomes for ALL Students!

    CoherentED is a leader in the educational consulting arena. We offer diverse products and services to support your learning community.

    Our collaborative teams are led by former school administrators and instructional specialists. CoherentED provides educational services to support identified student learning gaps which are remedied with targeted instruction and professional development. Our programs can be delivered in a synchronous or asynchronous format.

    We provide customized programs to best meet the needs of each organization we work with. We provide both educational and corporate services.

    CoherentED products provide 21st century solutions to maximize success. Our educational products accelerate learning community and instructional goals. Our corporate products can be used to build leadership capacity, spark innovation, and expand growth opportunities within your organization.