Larry Kozin, Founder & CEO, MainStreetChamber, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

    About Larry Kozin and MainStreetChamber:

    Larry Kozin, has been creating innovative new marketing methods since leaving ArtVan Furniture in 1979 and opening up partner owned stores~up and down the west coast with his mentor, Henry Kraus of Electropedic.

    As the Founder of Advanced Licensing, Larry joined forces with John Bellave of 99cent store fame, and together they opened over 300 independently-owned locations called iDealFurniture, and recruited an Army of over 5000 home based furniture brokers and had a front-row seat to the nightmare of logistics and technology that seemed to elude small and micro furniture entrepreneurs.

    Advanced Licensing is dedicated to helping privately held companies expand nationally with a focus on building local economies and creating post-pandemic opportunities for the masses to become successful entrepreneurs on a shoestring

    MainStreetChamber™, a National Membership Organization, provides interactive connections and opportunities that advance Small Business growth and profitability.

    * Fostering leadership by developing and engaging a wide network of business professionals
    * Strategic alliances with companies that offer relevant products and services for small business
    * Extending negotiated discounts of products and services to small business owners
    * Support system for small business owners and encouragement of member to member business
    * Giving back to our community by the group involvement with local charities and non-profit organizations

    In uncertain economic times so many organizations are problem focused, belaboring the frustration of ever tightening markets. MainStreetChamber™ is solution oriented, we help our members face problems and turn them into opportunities for growth and profit. We are redefining business and positioning ourselves through leadership and diversification; to not only make it during tough times, but to be poised for profit in the future.

    We are a service oriented organization and encourage community involvement. MainStreetChamber™ supports multiple national Non-Profit Organizations as well as many local Non-Profit Organizations through the participation of members in each Chamber. Many of our networking events have a dual purpose to also raise funds, through the sale of donated products and services, for locally supported charities.

    We provide our members with interactive connections and opportunities that advance Small Business growth and profitability.