Mitchell Lipton, CEO and Dr. Agustin Arbulu, President & COO, The W Tax Group, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

    About Mitchell Lipton, Dr. Agustin Arbulu and The W Tax Group:

    About Agustin Arbulu

    Tax professional with over 30 plus years of experience working with the IRS and various state tax agencies across the country. Agustin holds an LLM (in Taxation) from NYU Law School and a JD from University of Detroit Mercy School of Law. In addition, Agustin holds a DBA from Case Western Reserve University and two MBAs. Agustin has taught tax law (individual, partnership, and corporate) at law school as well as taught MBA courses at various graduate schools across the country. In addition, he was served as speaker at conferences presenting on various current tax issues.

    The W Tax Group

    The W Tax Group is a full-service, attorney based, tax resolution company specializing in resolving and reducing IRS and state tax liability with strategic innovation an in depth understanding of the Internal Revenue Manual and understanding of all the tax codes.

    We employ a staff of 3 IRS lawyers led by Tax Attorney Agustin Arbulu our President and COO, whose sole purpose is to negotiate with the IRS or State to resolve IRS tax liabilities and reduce our clients tax liabilities.

    They know and understand the complicated tax codes. We don’t accept average results. Our tax team never rests until we have achieved the absolute best outcome for every client.

    Our Mission

    We have one mission: to help Americans nationwide defending them against the aggressive collection policies of the IRS and State.

    * We understand that falling behind on tax payments happens to millions of Americans.
    * We know that tax issues create anxiety, stress and depression.
    * We want to relieve you of that burden.

    We care about our clients and want to give them an experience they won’t get from other tax resolution companies.

    We encourage all of our clients to speak with our lawyers whenever they need to. With us you will never be just another client. You will always know the cost of our resolution services up front. There are no hidden fees or fine print for additional fees.

    We truly care about our clients and will never stop fighting for them to save them as much money as we can and help them get their lives back on track.

    That’s our pledge to you.