5 Pieces of Technology That Can Change Your Business

Embracing technology within your operations is an essential part of creating a modern, thriving business. Your customers will be confident in your ability to provide solutions and you will be running an efficient operation. Sometimes choosing the right technology can be a minefield as the costs involved mean you are going to want to see results. Take a thorough assessment of your business and evaluate which areas would be most benefited by the implementation of technology. Here are five pieces of technology that can change your business.


Chatbots are a great way to provide 24-hour customer service. They use AI technology to answer questions that your customers may have and should they not be able to answer them, they will point them to a human operative. They can easily be implemented into your existing website and are a visual representation of your willingness to provide the best possible customer experience.

Fleet Management Solutions

When managing a fleet, efficiency is a priority. Utilizing Samsara’s cams is one example where you can improve safety, lower costs and have a more efficient fleet. They provide real time incident detection and can be used to provide preventative coaching. You will have real examples of any poor practice to improve the awareness of your drivers and you will be immediately aware of incidents. This awareness will allow you to make any changes needed and alert customers to any potential delays in their service. Implementing technological solutions to your fleet is a must if you want to provide the most efficient service while also lowering your costs.


Automation will improve the efficiency of your business and will also free up human employees to work on tasks they are better suited for. Data entry is one example where automation will reduce errors and save time. Employee happiness is something that should be considered alongside the implementation of technological solutions. Being able to reduce the number of mundane tasks they have to perform will improve their happiness and therefore productivity.

Cybersecurity Software

You should already know what to do after a data breach has happened but more importantly you should know how to prevent one. You should always ensure that your cybersecurity software is up to date and capable of dealing with any new threats. Cyber criminals are constantly evolving and finding new ways to gain valuable information and data and if you aren’t evolving with them, you are leaving yourself open to the possibility of attack. You hold vital information on your customers and if it is stolen then your reputation as a business will be tarnished.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage comes with many advantages and opens up many options for your business. Not only does it increase security as you can keep important data stored on a secure cloud network, it also improves efficiency. A cloud-based system allows for your employees to access anything they need for work, wherever they are. As many businesses are now choosing to allow their employees to work from home, cloud systems are becoming more prevalent. These storage systems also stop the risk of any catastrophic losses of data that are a potential risk when they are only stored on physical hard drives.