Dan Gardner, Founder & CEO, Autosnap, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Dan Gardner and Autosnap:

    Vehicle images are the key asset a dealer has when selling cars online. Without images that are professional and informative, it’s likely shoppers will look elsewhere.

    In order to help, Autosnap performs market studies and does research to find out how to create vehicle images that engage customers online, and give them the best shopping experience possible.

    Autosnap is an AI driven software service that optimizes inventory images for 3rd-party digital marketing destinations, shopping portals, and social media. Dealership inventory pictures are worth a thousand words, and it’s time they were treated like it.

    We believe in the discovery and analysis of proven solutions that help dealerships win customers, and differentiate them from their competitors.

    We use AI-driven software to transform dealer’s vehicle photos into informative & exciting images that drive shopper engagement everywhere online.