How Does Your Delivery Service Affect Your E-commerce Business?


delivery service

Whether you’re working on making your e-commerce business more successful or looking for ways to increase its growth, it’s vital that you understand your delivery service affects your e-commerce business in some pretty significant ways. There are several critical factors involved with this particular element of making a sale, so it’s worthwhile to gain as much knowledge about this as possible.

1. Increased Focus On Core Business

When your delivery service is fast and reliable, it really does affect your business even in ways you might not have considered before. Automated packaging and shipping mean that you have more time to focus on your core business, whether you use the last mile carrier in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, or anywhere else in the world. By streamlining the process, you don’t have to worry about shipping products yourself or hiring a courier service – you can cut down on time and energy where it really matters. Focusing on your core business means that you have more time to innovate and perfect your products – and develop a marketing strategy that will really get your business seen.

2. Converting More Sales

A part of a good delivery service is offering multiple delivery options at your checkout. It’s important to give your customers the choice of which delivery service they’d like, whether a courier, a post office, or a premium option is what they’re looking for. Because these options can be pricey and not all customers have the budget for them, you need to find the right balance – offering enough choice that everyone will find something that works for their situation, yet not so many options that the prices become unattractive. When you have this kind of delivery service, you can convert more sales – which means getting more money in your pockets! It’s not unusual for people to fill up their online shopping cart only to be faced with a high-priced shipping option – or at least one that doesn’t work for them due to other reasons and abandon their cart then and there. Giving your customers a reasonable shipping price, as well as a variety of options that can affect how fast they will receive their items is a must in order to increase conversions.

3. Reduce Complaints

When your delivery service is streamlined, affordable, and comes in different forms, it means that your customers will be satisfied. If you give them the option to pay for premium service if they want it and find other ways to get their products to them quickly and cheaply, they will be far less likely to have complaints down the road. A lot of the time when online shopping, people will complain because they haven’t received their package on time, or because they can’t track their items and aren’t sure when to expect them. When you set your delivery service in a way that keeps your customers informed about every step of the process, you’ll find that complaints come far less frequently.

4. Save Time And Increase Efficiency

Besides saving time on your end due to the fact that the process is automated, as mentioned previously, a great delivery service also saves time for your customer. Everyone has seen at least one unboxing video online where the person had to wait for weeks before they got their order. When you provide your customers with their purchased items in a reasonable timeframe, they’ll be far more likely to go back to your e-commerce business and order something else. Not only are you ensuring repeat customers, but you’re also going a long way in increasing the likelihood of them ordering something new much sooner than they otherwise would have.

5. Grow Your Reputation

Quality delivery service won’t just affect your e-commerce business in direct ways. It will also have an impact on the way your customers view you as a whole. When they can tell that purchasing from you is easy, efficient, and effective, they are more likely to recommend you to their friends or family members – which means free marketing! Growing your reputation as a reliable e-commerce business is an incredible thing, and it’s something that you’ll see happen more and more as you perfect your delivery service to match up with all of the other aspects of your company. Of course, it’s also important that your customers always get what they ordered, and that it’s in the same condition when it arrives at their address as it was when it was packed – and a streamlined packaging and delivery service ensures just that.


A great delivery service is one that, in addition to offering multiple options depending on how fast your customers want their products, also gives them an estimated timeframe for when they should expect their items and keeps them updated every step of the way! There are a number of different ways this can benefit your e-commerce business – from the increased conversions to the reduced complaints, not only will you love your updated delivery service but so will your customers!