Improving Customer Retention Rates Through Salesforce Customization

customer retention

Salesforce Customization

Getting a customer from the first interaction with your brand to converting into paying customers is no small feat. It involves calculated strategies to ensure it happens, and when it does, you know you have done your job well.

But getting your leads to make a purchase is only half of the process; the next step will be retaining those customers.

Salesforce Can Help You Improve Customer Retention

According to statistics, an existing customer spends 31% more than a new customer whose acquisition costs a business an average of 7 times more than maintaining an existing one. This means the biggest priority in any business should be nurturing the clients they already have.

The good news is that you can use Salesforce CRM for lead generation and closing with this platform.

Salesforce comes with thousands of customizable features that could easily overwhelm anyone. But not all the features may be necessary for your business. It is important to have your Salesforce customized to meet your unique needs to get the most out of it. If you intend to incorporate Salesforce in your business, you may want to consider enlisting the services of an experienced Salesforce customization services provider such as RTS labs.

How Does Salesforce Help in Customer Retention?

Creating a Centralized Database

In today’s business scene, data is everything. But data can only benefit an organization if it is organized. With Salesforce, all the data collected from the different marketing platforms can be accessed from one place.

This data can include anything from all customer interactions on all platforms, their history of product use, their frequency of purchasing, their feedback, and their complaints.

With this data and more, it is possible to personalize your interaction with the clients to ensure you cater to their unique needs, effectively enhancing customer retention.

Personalizing Customer Interaction

When used in communication, a person’s name evokes feelings of being seen and recognized. The same is true for a business’s interactions with clients.

Personalizing communication in a business can be a challenge, especially if you have thousands of customers in your database. But Salesforce helps make the process easier.

Used alongside Pardot Dynamic Content, Salesforce can help personalize communication with clients. For example, you can configure your communication emails to have your customer’s name. That’s not all.

You can also customize your communication content to reflect their needs, interests, and location based on the data collected in Salesforce. Personalization communicates to your customers that you care, which is critical in building customer loyalty.

Tracking Customer Behavior

The data collected through Salesforce CRM helps tell a client’s story of their interaction with your brand. For instance, Salesforce allows you to track customers that dropped out of interaction and haven’t made a purchase for a while.

The tool achieves this by breaking down clients into groups of most active to the least active, including sections such as cart abandonment.

This information helps the marketing team tailor their communication to address the specific problems the client could be facing. For example, if a client abandons a cart, you may want to send them an email giving them a discount for the items in the cart.

Integrating Customer Service Tools

Customer service is key to customer retention. Salesforce allows you to incorporate customer service tools such as the Salesforce service cloud, where anyone who has access is promptly alerted of customer queries or complaints.

In other words, all inquiries and complaints are resolved quickly to improve customer experiences.

Besides having the issues resolved, the feedback coming from existing customers becomes very helpful in making improvements on products and services to ensure that your clients get real value for money.