Jamie Valenti-Jordan, Founder & CEO, Catapult Commercialization Services, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Jamie Valenti-Jordan and Catapult Commercialization Services:

    Jamie Valenti-Jordan runs Catapult Commercialization Services, a national services group focused on developing and executing aligned marketing and operations plans centered around novel food and beverage products.

    Catapult is a commercialization services group focusing on meeting the needs of Food startup companies. We understand clients’​ unique situations and needs and craft custom solutions that leverage best practices already developed by the industry. We also ensure that systems are scalable as the startup begins to grow. To date, we include services that range from Marketing, Branding, Product/Process/Package Development, Quality, Logistics, Contract Manufacturing Relationships, Growth Strategies, Cost Reduction, Capital Projects, and more. We won’t sell your product for you, but we have resources to do most everything else, but we only deploy the team we need to.

    At the heart of Catapult’s mission is a desire to help products get to market (and stay there) that can help fill a need or disrupt a sector.

    Catapult is a nationwide services firm centered on planning & executing projects to commercialize products for food and beverage startups. Commercialization to us means product/process/package development, marketing, branding, manufacturing (coman & capital), quality, procurement, distribution, and business development.

    Catapult does what is necessary to help you launch your product. Whether you need technical insights, temporary team members for a complex project, or project management and execution heavy lifting, we are the people to turn to.