Martin Fishman, Director Strategic Alliances & Enterprise, Visionect, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Martin Fishman and Visionect:

    Respected, seasoned technology business leader who breaks down the fundamentals to create successful business plans. A strategic marketer who facilitates growth within key accounts and business partners. A strong internal coach who builds teams, mentors staff, and builds trust at every turn and every level. Collaborates well at all levels of management reporting to the board, working with peers, and supporting staff. Regularly engages with key customers, partners, and alliances to identify roadblocks and provide solutions. Possesses a deep understanding of distribution channels and the international marketplace. Comfortably delivers cross-cultural communications enabling customer growth, and business development in global markets. Possesses the innate ability to assess staff talents, provide the necessary tools and education to ensure profitable operations.

    Visionect is the world leader in deploying digital signs in environments impossible before, setting a new standard in versatile, energy-efficient displays. The result of a decade of market-leading expertise, Visionect technology is unparalleled in versatility, ultra-low power consumption, ease of installation and simplicity of use.

    The force behind the breakthrough Place & Play signage concept and the maker of the award-winning JOAN room scheduling solutions

    Keeping things simple can often turn out to be the most complex task. At Visionect, we believe that digital signage shouldn’t be that complicated. From installation to integration and content management, our products are created to fit, seamlessly and without hassle. Sustainable and green, Visionect technology is unparalleled when it comes to low energy consumption and display visibility. In delivering this accessibility, everything boils down to one simple truth: nothing beats experience. And when it comes to experience, nothing beats Visionect.