Megan Fuciarelli, Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer, US², A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Megan Fuciarelli and US²:

    I am passionate in the areas of education and equitable opportunities for all children. In addition to working in the educational realm as a teacher and administrator, I have served in multiple capacities as a facilitator of workshops in the areas of prejudice reduction and diversity training – both in and out of school/district settings and with both students and adults. My goal is to help create a more united society by better understanding ourselves.

    Megan Fuciarelli serves as the Executive Director & Principal Consultant of US², Inc.  As a retired school superintendent, she has dedicated her entire professional career to navigating social justice issues and supporting people/teams in being inclusive.  She holds a BS in Elementary Education, a Masters in Reading, M.Ed. in Educational Administration, an ESL (English as a Second Language) endorsement, and certificate from Harvard for Urban School Leadership.  In addition to schooling, she is also a certified life coach and a Project Management Professional and Six Sigma graduate.  In addition to her professional background, she is the single mother of a wonderful human named Rhys and very close to her parents.  Embedded within her narrative are many stories of oppression and privilege.

    The goal of US² is to help create a more united society by promoting understanding, knowledge, and awareness in businesses, corporations, and educational institutions through training and professional development.

    The premise of our work is simple: we must understand ourselves, as well as those around us, in order to have a more powerful impact on society. US² is devoted to building more equitable and inclusive businesses and schools leading to a better society for us all.