Salah Kivlighn, Ph.D. , CEO, HepaTx Corporation, A DotCom Magazine Interview

About Salah Kivlighn and HepaTx Corporation:

My colleagues describe me as an inspiring results-driven leader with a rare blend of science and business acumen across several therapeutic classes, including oncology, autoimmunity and cardiovascular. I believe in leading with compassion and empathy; with this in mind I have built and led culturally diverse high performing teams located in countries around the world.

As a commercial leader I have helped to build franchises with annual revenues in excess of 3 Billion dollars. My business experience spans the start-up sector to Fortune 100 organizations across the globe, including Merck & Co., MedImmune, Inc. (a subsidiary of AstraZeneca founded as Molecular Vaccines Inc. in 1988), AstraZeneca, Kite Pharma (a subsidiary of Gilead Sciences), NABI Biopharmaceuticals, and the United States Pharmacopeia, a nonprofit organization.

As a scientist, commercial leader and global speaker, I have verified successes in oncology (mAb, cell-based, and immuno-oncology), vaccines, and cardiovascular disease treatments. My awards include the AstraZeneca CEO Award and the globally esteemed Prix Galien Award for Best Biotechnology Product (RotaTeq®).

With unique and extensive experience in commercial and R&D pharma and biotech with full spectrum product life cycle responsibility, I’ve led pre-clinical / clinical R&D, global marketing and sales teams with international operations oversight. Most recently I oversaw all commercial aspects of seven business verticals: Small molecule generic medicine, Biologics, Dietary Supplements & Verification, Food, Excipients, Health Care Quality & Safety, and Global Education.

Our vision is to provide regenerative medicine treatments that free patients from chronic liver disease and help usher in an era where diseased and damaged tissues can be repaired.