Alexander Frantzen, Founder/CEO/CFO of Carbon Calories, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

    About Alexander Frantzen and Carbon Calories:

    Alexander Frantzen

    Alexander is the founder of Carbon Calories. We develop solutions for companies to account and report the carbon footprint of products. We are an early-stage, mission-driven company pushing for greater transparency and individual agency in the carbon emissions ecosystem.

    Alexander built his first lifestyle carbon footprint calculator, Energy We Need, in 2013, presenting it at the Sixth International Conference on Climate Change. In 2015, Alexander built a mission-driven assessment of the capacity of a $100/Mt price on carbon to catalyze income distribution and terrestrial ecosystem preservation and restoration based on successfully executing the Great Transformation. Starting as a “back-of-the-envelope” model to assess global carbon emissions mitigation dynamics, this project turned into a variable input, mission-driven assessment of pricing carbon to support the Great Distribution via the Great Incentive.

    Before founding Carbon Calories, Alexander’s background was as a senior financial analyst, research analyst, and strategic consultant. Alexander has over a decade of experience in New York City: Acquisitions and development in the real estate sector; valuing Class A commercial lease terms; valuing and managing publicly traded securities; direct-deal due diligence of primarily low-carbon technologies; due diligence of energy- and impact-focused fund investments; analyzing ferry and water taxi services and schedules; and four years of not-for-profit experience as project analyst for The Model Organic Farm in New York.

    Alexander is an artist at heart. Resource economics, in the form of energy and carbon emissions accounting, is his passion. Please follow this link to contact Alexander directly.

    Alexander is Founder and CEO of Carbon Calories.

    In addition, Alexander is the Creator of Alexander is a resource economist with an extensive background in both environmental (I) impact consulting, (II) financial consulting and (III) impact investing.

    Carbon Calories

    Carbon Calories is a B2B2C company that supports SMB clients to prepare and disclose intelligible product carbon footprint data to customers (end-users).

    Carbon Calories is the antidote to greenwashing. We develop tools that make carbon accounting easy and economical for start-ups and SMEs across all consumer goods with a focus on fashion and beauty (FAB).