Best Powerful Tools for Location Intelligence

Location intelligence software

Location intelligence software (also called spatial intelligence software) is a business intelligence opportunity that brings location analytics to anyone wanting a competitive edge. These individuals visualize the spatial data while identifying any trends or relationships that result in actionable details. These tools help corporations, businesses, and organizations a competitive advantage, understanding trends on geographic maps that would otherwise remain hidden.

Intelligence tools are frequently software-based, bringing sense to static data. Most location intelligence builds geographic information system (GIS) tools to provide visual insights into data sources. Data collection works simultaneously with GIS systems to filter and visualize broad or precise information.

Who Benefits from Location Intelligence?

Virtually every industry can benefit from location intelligence, with distinct advantages throughout different sectors. These benefits include:

Public Sector: Location intelligence within the public sector can determine proper resource allocation, along with waste programs and emergency department use. For example, drive time maps choose appropriate physical locations for new services to optimize health and safety within the community.

Retail Sector: Location data can connect retailers to specific consumer purchasing patterns, both in-store and online. Understanding purchasing power can influence marketing objectives along with inventory management overall.

Financial Industries: When reviewing location intelligence, financial institutions can optimize the placement of ATMs, kiosks, or branches. These geographic visualizations clarify the current consumer demographic while limiting fraudulent transactions.

Best Tools for Location Intelligence

Track n Trace 

This comprehensive suite of location intelligence tools and mapping functionality brings real-time functionality with or without hardware units. Users can maintain and manage dispatch, fuel management, status and inventory tracking, and outside driver management. It’s a monthly, cloud-based subscription ideal for those with drivers, deliveries, or service industries.


If you’re looking for fully featured AI software, ArcGIS may be the software you’re looking for. This software is ideal for start-ups or agencies looking for end-to-end solutions, complete with location tracking, behavioral analytics, and location tracking. This application functions with Windows and Mac operating systems but doesn’t currently offer mobile platforms.


This software combines GIS functionality with spatial analysis. Users can access demographic information, comprehensive features, and built-in functionality for those wanting to establish an in-depth understanding of their data. The software integrates with Google Maps, bringing real-time route optimization to data sets. Maptive offers cloud-based functionality, making it accessible from most operating systems (including mobile).


This location intelligence software serves enterprises and SMEs looking for end-to-end solutions. This software is a complete visual analytics suite to empower companies needing risk intelligence. Users can bring robust visualizations to their data, including performance patterns and trends.

Proximity MX

This fully-featured Location Intelligence Software serves enterprises and SMEs. It offers end-to-end solutions through Windows operating systems. Proximity MX includes push notifications, retention and revenue tracking, and cohort analysis.

Things to Consider When Choosing Software

With countless options available for location intelligence, it’s essential to consider a few key features before purchasing a new program. Here are three things you need to consider before purchasing:

Dynamic and Customizable Interface

Choosing a platform that allows customized analytics is critical to optimizing your data. For example, a local restaurant will likely benefit from seeing analytics on competitive restaurants in the area. Additionally, seeing comparative factors like foot traffic can bring a better understanding of retail locations. Always choose software that allows custom competitive sets whenever possible, bringing detailed visualization overall.

Extensive Mapping Options

Data and information are only helpful if the visualizations bring better understanding to the user. Look for a program that integrates your data into powerful mapping tools. Mapping options might include heat maps to highlight a higher density of data within a geographic area, route optimization for data points within a boundary, or choropleth maps to access divided geographical regions with different variables across a map.

Cost for Service

While location intelligence software can bring valuable insight and understanding to a company, financial costs associated with the account should always remain a consideration. Always look for a program that offers the required features within a budget you can afford. Most mapping software, for example, offers complimentary trials for new accounts. Users can access all features and functionality of the program to see if it works for their needs without the initial fee.