Christina J. Ansted, MPH, CCMEP. Founder and CEO, Rapid Commercialization Partners, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Christina J. Ansted and Rapid Commercialization Partners:

    Dynamic, results-driven, and entrepreneurial biotechnology executive dedicated to building a legacy of innovation for how clinical-stage biotech companies approach commercialization, improving rates of success and to making a difference for patients living with rare or poorly managed disease.

    Solution-oriented leader, highly focused on optimization, outcomes, and driving value across an organization with a sophisticated approach to commercialization strategy and execution and building high performance teams.

    Extensive experience in the global commercialization of rare disease products, medical services, and medical communications with expertise in patient identification and diagnostic strategy. RCP is a global firm focused on optimizing commercial development of rare disease products for clinical-stage biotechnology companies to maximize revenue potential and directly impact time to value.

    Our Mission
    To create a critical shift in how emerging biotech companies approach commercialization. We offer our clients the ability to begin commercialization without having to build a large commercial footprint at a time when capacity for investment may be minimal or premature. We help our clients to prepare a solid commercial foundation while implementing best practices and processes from the start.

    Building an elite commercial organization takes time and investment. An RCP engagement provides a fully operational, multidisciplinary team of seasoned commercial executives from day 1, who understand the critical factors that drive performance and have a proven ability to achieve results.

    We operate as an extension of our client’s organization providing comprehensive, cross-functional commercial expertise and implementation, in addition to an extensive network of strategic alliances that serve our clients seamlessly during any engagement.

    Our approach drives value by enabling our clients to continue organizational growth and expansion while simultaneously preparing for commercialization – eliminating time lost due to ramp-up and reducing the learning curve for new and/or existing commercial hires by providing an elevated platform from which to achieve future commercial success.