Mike Hernandez, PHD. Chief Spice Officer & Manny Hernandez, Chief Operations Officer, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Mike Hernandez and Casa M Spice Co:

    Casa M Spice Co™ is a specialty spice company based in DFW that focuses on providing spice blends that deliver the best flavor possible for a wide range of dishes to arm everyone with the tools they need to be a hero in the kitchen or at the grill/smoker. Spices form the foundation of the flavor profile for a dish; using a well-crafted blend of spices helps anyone plate excellent tasting food without drama, fanfare, or much effort. Our line of spice blends was developed over more than two decades of holiday barbecues, birthday celebrations, and special occasions. While they were designed with grilling in mind, they are versatile enough to be used anywhere. Our mission is to provide the best flavors possible because great flavor makes great food, and great food makes great memories.

    Casa M, the house of Manny and Mike, had long since become synonymous with incredible hospitality and gourmet foods that always had a signature flavor and background heat. Throughout the years it became customary, as folks were leaving after a meal, that we were asked “what did you use on this?” or “what was that flavor?” Almost inevitably that turned into “will you share the recipe?” or “can I buy some somewhere?” and it got to the point where Manny jokingly said “we should think about going legit instead of selling dime bags of Chain Reaction® from the house!” The next thing we knew, Casa M Spice Co® was born.

    Dr. Mike has a PhD in chemical physics and has always thought of cooking as Chemistry in the Kitchen®. Our signature blend, Chain Reaction® gets its name from his physics background and it is quite literally good on everything (including many things you would never imagine like cheeses and fruits.) Adding a sprinkle of Chain Reaction® to a burger or steak enhances the taste without overpowering and lends a signature flavor that is hard to replicate yet very recognizable.