Scotty Greenwood, CEO, Canadian American Business Council , A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Scotty Greenwood and Canadian American Business Council:

    With a background in government and politics, I help corporate clients navigate the public policy environment in which they operate. I also serve as a guest speaker and moderator for industry annual meetings and conferences. Expertise includes the US political system as well as Canada/US relations. I have worked in municipal, state, federal and international governments over past two decades. I have served as a public company director and public/private philanthropy director as well.

    The CABC is a non-profit, non-partisan, issues-oriented organization dedicated to delving into issues that affect businesses, citizens, and civil society in both Canada and the United States, with aim to maximize prosperity for everyone and competitiveness for companies large and small on both sides of the border.

    We are the leading nonprofit, nonpartisan, issues-oriented organization dedicated to fostering dialogue between the public and private sectors in the US and Canada. We help legislators, media, and business figures navigate—and define—the exemplary relationship between the two nations.