NexMind Introduces NexWriter AI-Powered Content Generation Software for SEO Purposes


Kuala Lumpur, April 21, 2022 – NexMind AI Sdn. Bhd. (“NexMind”), an emerging enterprise SEO developer today has introduced NexWriter, an AI-powered content generation software for users to generate SEO-driven and human-like text within minutes. The new software is suitable for generating both short and long contents, particularly advertising copy, web page headers, company and product information, and blog articles. It currently supports English and Arabic, and the Company will add Japanese later this month. It is marketed to in-house marketing executives and digital marketing consultants looking to generate content for clients to boost website visibility. It is available on a subscription basis.

NexWriter is equipped with a Q&A Outline Module that provides users with analytical insights every time a query is made, to address long-tail search intents effectively.

Francis Lui, CEO of NexMind said, “NexMind is on a mission to revolutionize SEO using AI and automation, and NexWriter supports that. Our software is unique because it is an AI-trained model, not a translation tool, and the most important thing is that it is embedded with SEO. The automated process that we’re introducing helps marketers become more efficient in their work.”

NexWriter makes it easy for users to generate content useful for website ranking by providing smart recommendations appearing as subtopics to guide them throughout the process.

“Content output generated through our NexWriter meets common language standards leaving no space for error and it is with zero plagiarism,” Francis explained.

NexWriter is available as a standalone, and it is also bundled with NexODN SEO optimization software, as well as, available in a non-SEO version for general content generation requirements.

About NexMind:

NexMind is a developer of the world’s first multilingual AI-powered SEO optimization and content generation solutions. Its flagship product NexODN is a robust AI-trained software that transforms traditional and labor-intensive digital marketing tasks into an automated system to boost website ranking. NexMind AI Sdn. Bhd. is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Visit us at


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