TOP 6 Marketing Tools for Real Estate Manager in 2022

TOP 6 Marketing Tools for Real Estate Manager in 2022

In 2022, almost all companies and their audience have completely gone online and standard offline promotion is no longer enough. We have to adapt to it, including the real estate sector.

The new reality has already brought the relevant changes:

  • The long cycle of the transactions has become yet longer;
  • Business processes have become more complex;
  • It feels more difficult to control the work of employees;
  • The struggle for a client in a crisis has become tougher.

Real estate management needs to be flexible, focus on strategic decisions and fine-tune new business processes:

  • Adapt all your communications with the client to the total “remote”;
  • Build a new chain of touches from the first to the last step, warming up interest at each stage so that it reaches the manager as ready to buy as possible;
  • Learn how to work out possible customer objections remotely.

If you are selling real estate and are not ready to give in to competitors, implement these 6 tools already tested on clients that will increase sales and help you gain a foothold in the market:

  1. SMS Marketing.
  2. Comprehensive PPC with pay per lead;
  3. Auto funnels;
  4. 3D models + augmented reality;
  5. Instagram masks;
  6. Dashboard with bi analytics.

Creating a marketing plan will help you set goals for your marketing campaigns and develop steps to achieve those goals.

Real estate SMS marketing 

If you find yourself or your team spending too much time on business phone calls and traveling to business meetings, then you might want to consider using text messaging to help sell real estate.

Text messaging is a fairly simple, fast, and most importantly effective way for real estate agents to contact potential buyers. Using well-thought out SMS marketing strategies will help you not only find, but also retain new customers.

Smarter Contact for real estate SMS marketing is an advanced and versatile software that allows sending bulk marketing messages to potential customers with just a few clicks. The platform has an extensive customer base that includes small and medium enterprises, businesses, and individual marketers.

While getting started with the SMS platform often seems like a daunting task, Smarter Contact has taken care to make its system as user-friendly as possible.

Comprehensive PPC with pay per lead

Buying an apartment is a lengthy process that potential buyers approach in a complex way: they study layouts, compare prices and collect information about a new object. So, it is also necessary to interact with them in a complex way: create demand, support it and warm it up all the way through the purchase.

Imagine the entire journey of your client from the thought of changing houses to the registration of a preschool institution.

Customer thinks about buying a new apartment and sees a media advertisement for a new facility that is being built just in his area, unconsciously this information is deposited in his head.

When a customer sees this house advertised on social media again, he remembers that he already knows about it, and thinks that since this house is everywhere on the media, it’s worth taking a closer look at it.

When a customer begins to actively look for a new apartment in the search engine, he is pleasantly surprised – the house, which he has heard about more than once, comes out in the first lines.

After studying the prices on the site, he leaves an application and goes to look at apartments in the houses of competitors, leaving a few more applications as a result. Customer identifies several options for himself, but is still hesitant about choosing a house.

After some time, he sees an advertisement that interesting promotions appeared on the apartment he was looking at. He calls the sales department again and finally decides to buy.

Each described interaction with the client is the result of the work of some Internet marketing tools:

  • Display ads that pop into a person’s field of vision when they have a need and give you an edge over competitors at the top of the sales funnel.
  • Targeted advertising maintains interest in the brand and the property, and additional benefits are conveyed.
  • Contextual advertising, with the help of adjustments for the media advertising pixel, focuses on already heated traffic and leads to the site a predominantly warm audience (this is how the work with warm demand is optimized, in the conditions of an overheated auction).
  • Segmented retargeting with personalized ads brings users back to the site or pushes them to the next stage of the funnel.

And Madgicx is exactly that company that works with a sophisticated touch system that uses multiple ad channels to bring you more quality leads than using just random promotion tools.

The best way to evaluate this format is to implement the main KPI and pay for leads. So you will not need to evaluate the work of each channel separately, because their effectiveness is evaluated in conjunction, you will be able to predict the number of leads and sales for the short and long term.

Auto funnel

An auto funnel on your real estate website is a user’s progress on the way from entering the site to the target action using auto messages.

An auto funnel without your participation is able to segment incoming users, identify their needs and close some of the objections.

For example, you can show rented houses and customer reviews to users who are looking for information about the brand of the developer or offer advice from a mortgage broker if the user studies the relevant section of the site for a long time.

The classic and most common example of an auto funnel is a lead magnet, when users leave their contact details to get valuable information for them, it can be a checklist for choosing an apartment, life hacks when getting a mortgage, etc.

Each funnel strategy is unique, even for businesses in the same industry, but all they can:

  • increase the number of leads from the site;
  • reduce the cost of a lead;
  • increase conversions at each stage of the funnel.

A customized auto funnel will help you attract and retain clients. You will be able to focus on sales, reduce the time for processing applications and at the same time communication with visitors will become more personalized.

3D models + augmented reality

Demonstration of a future apartment is another way to keep the user’s attention and work out some of the objections. You will be able to show different layouts and finishes, and it will be easier for customers to make a buying decision. Customers will also perceive you as a modern and technologically advanced real estate specialist.

Instagram masks

Spark AR Studio has become a new trend in 2020. Due to organic distribution within the social network, they provide quick recognition, promote free audience coverage and growth of subscribers, which are later converted into leads and sales.

Your mask can be aimed at entertaining the audience:

  • Mask in the form of a helmet and a brick wall;
  • A mask-game where you have to catch kitchen utensils in a basket (like in the game wolf and eggs)

Or to push users to the purchase itself:

  1. The game “what discount on an apartment will I get”.
  2. What decoration will be in my future apartment.
  3. What gift will I receive with the purchase? 

In addition, a positive impression is created about the brand, both among the target solvent audience and for the audience “for the future” – generation Z, which is just thinking about buying an apartment.

Dashboard with bi analytics

It’s a key tool for remote control of the work of marketing and sales departments.

The dashboard integrates and links the work of all real estate departments, visualizing this data in a format convenient for you in a “single window”. 

For example, you can stay at home and watch how the indicator on the “plan / fact” panel grows, monitor the implementation of the sales plan and watch how the leads flow down the funnel.

With it, you can see the “weak links” and “growth zones” of the business and make the right management decisions. The dashboard also helps you track:

  • the effectiveness of each advertising channel;
  • the path of each client to the purchase and its life cycle;
  • speed and efficiency of the sales department.

Using at least half of these tools, you will be one step ahead of the competition and be ready for almost any situation in the market.

Summing Up

You need to understand that the customer does not come from a single source of advertising so using multiple sales channels in real estate is highly-efficient. 

Seeing your Google Ads banner and going to the site, the customer will think: “ok, maybe I will call to find out more”. 

Seeing your SMS reminder on the phone on the way to work, and then reading the information on Facebook, the client will form a positive opinion about your agency and definitely feel a strong intention to ask for your professional real estate service.