Top Games with Movie Theme


Movie-themed games are based on existing movies that must have had lots of fans. These games get licenses from the moviemakers before moving on with the development. However, this doesn’t stop them from being so many. So, here’s a list of top games with movie themes.

Top Games with Movie Theme


The Batman film has come a long way, and it has been a household movie for a long time. However, game developers took it to the next level by making a game off it. There are many versions of the Batman game, but the Amiga version is the best.

Every version of Batman comes with different plots, but they all boil down to sneaking and fighting an enemy to scale through. The player must aim to get to the top of the guard tower before any other villain.


Superman is a superhero game that makes the player feel like an actual superhero. Though some versions of this game didn’t perfect things like the movement, people still enjoyed it.

The player aims to save lives and impact the people for progress. However, you have to climb buildings, fly across the streets, and use your cobweb to save several difficult situations.

Spiderman’s various powers and skills have made it difficult for developers to perfect the game. Yet, it is still one of the best games with movie themes.

Terminator 2

Terminator is a famous online slot with a movie theme. In this game, there are about 240 winning ways. However, it adds another row when the free spins game triggers.

Terminator 2 has a moderate volatility and has an RTP of 96.62%. Among the active characters in the game are Sarah and John, and we can see them deliver good pay in the online slot machine. There are only a few slots with a theme as thrilling as Terminator 2. These online slot machines give players a chance to control the activities of their favorite movie characters via gaming.

There’s another feature in Terminator 2 where Scatter Symbols appear to unlock free spins. Moreover, players can get up to 90,000 credits at the end from these free spins.

The Warriors

The Warriors is another great movie-themed game that involves brawling. This game was released years after its inspiration, and it received lots of positive feedback after its release. Anyone who enjoyed this classic movie must have loved the game because they are much similar.

However, The Warriors is mainly for adults because sex and violence themes are not suitable for children.

The game is about a street gang accused of an offense they were not guilty of. These men had to find a way to return to their homes in a night. Also, most of the characters in the original film had to repeat their roles for a voiceover.


The Alladin game is a fantastic movie-themed game released by Sega in 1993. However, the Sega Genesis is only one of the many versions released, and each version is different.

As a player, you must find a way to get through different levels; these levels are some of the locations in the movie. Alladin will encounter some guards and animals that will try to stop him, and he must conquer them.

As the game continues, Alladin’s strength might reduce, so he has to collect gems and trade them for lives to move on. Also, he gets bonus rounds by finding Genie, a game of luck to earn gems, apples, or extra lives.

There are several games with movie themes on the internet, but the listed ones here are the best. Though they were developed a long time ago, they managed to stay classic. This may be because of the popularity of the movies or the different versions of these games that the developers made.