Is Someone Using Your iPhone To Spy On You?


    A tech expert explains what you can do if you are suspicious about someone using your iPhone to spy on you.

    Spying doesn’t automatically mean some stranger has managed to get into your phone. It is in fact often someone closer to home who you mistakenly trust.

    That is why it is always best to keep passcodes and passwords private.

    According to ZDNet, it’s probably better to reboot your iPhone rather than simply changing your passcode.

    Rebooting Your iPhone

    To flush out any hacks that may have been loaded onto your iPhone, the first thing you should do is reboot it.

    This can be done by holding down one of the volume buttons and the side button until you see the power slider.

    Allow the phone to shut down by sliding it to the right.

    Once the phone has gone black, it can be switched back on by holding down the side or top button until you see the Apple logo.

    Change the iPhone’s Passcode

    The next step is to change the passcode.

    This can be done by going to Settings, and then to Face ID & Passcode.

    Enter the current passcode and move down to Change Passcode.

    Enter your new passcode and make sure you don’t share it with anyone.

    Check for Unknown Face IDs

    The individual doing the spying may very well have added their own face to Face ID, or in the case of older iPhones, their Touch ID.

    It’s always better to check this.

    This trick should help you if you have set up a single face for Face ID.

    See if you can find ‘Set Up an Alternative Appearance’ In Face ID & Passcode.

    If you find it, everything’s okay, but if it is not there and you haven’t set up a second Face ID previously, this may be how someone is able to get into your phone.

    To fix this, select Reset Face ID. This will delete all stored Face IDs and then you can set up yours again.

    If you use an older iPhone with Touch ID, select Touch ID & Passcode and use Delete Fingerprint on each to remove them and set up yours again.

    Installing Anti-Spyware Apps

    An anti-spyware app may be able to help to find anything that isn’t right.

    You may want to consider iVerify, a security toolkit app.

    Although Certo AntiSpy isn’t really an app, you can run this tool on your iPhone.

    Never Give Your Phone To Anyone Else

    As difficult as it may be, you can protect yourself from this type of threat best by never handing your phone to anyone else. If it can’t be helped, watch what they do with it closely until the phone is back in your possession.