Michael Coté, President & CEO, Payroll Solutions International Inc, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Michael Coté and Payroll Solutions International Inc:

    I am the strategy leader to a World Wide team providing Employer Services for to SME and large companies, NGO’s and Government organizations. We give these organizations the ability to function outside their home market at the same level as much larger companies. We provide compliance services in all aspects of setting up and operating the customer’s entity outside their domestic operations. Our global platform is SECOND to none in the marketplace. We provide services in many common languages and over 100 currencies. We offer next day, Direct Deposit in 150 countries.

    Payroll Solutions International Inc.
    PSII offers Professional Employment Services as well as complete Human Capital Management. We enable organizations to outsource Payroll Processing, Time & Attendance, and Human Resources, Accounting and Professional Services within more than 80 countries. We design solutions specific to your business’​ needs and budgetary requirements. We offer our clients the flexibility of either managed, self serve payroll or payroll software licensing.

    We provide an intimate service structure which enables us the ability to provide designated, live service support. Whether it is basic payroll or a complete enterprise configuration, in a hosted environment, we can accommodate organizations of any size, in any jurisdiction, and in multi-lingual, multi-currency format. Upon request we are happy to provide a no cost analysis and proposal that will suit all your business needs.

    Global Payroll Management
    Together with our global partners, we leverage more than 75 years of experience. We deliver trusted results, transformative technology, and in-market expertise. Save time and money with our new generation of Human Resources, Time & Labour Management, and Payroll all tied together in one package.

    Our innovative and integrated approach provides multi-language, user friendly, web-based software systems; all available through any PC, mobile and tablet device. Our easy software implementation will support your entire organization and management needs anywhere in the world.

    Our ultimate focus is on building strong relationships and providing an outstanding customer experience with companies of all sizes, in all markets.