Sriram Padmanabhan, CEO, Cymorg Inc, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Sriram Padmanabhan and Cymorg Inc:

    In my new venture, Cymorg, I leverage my 20+ years in business strategy, sales and software into designing & building a Future of Work platform that is closely linked to our clients’ objectives, strategies and value system.

    As head of the Banking and Financial Services vertical for NIIT Technologies Inc. between 2014-16, I was ultimately responsible for the revenue and profitability of the unit. I decided & budgeted for the structure of the vertical, and defined & executed the go-to-market sales, marketing, alliance and partner strategies.

    Prior to this, I worked for Infosys and managed their global relationships with a group of client firms in the capital markets.

    My areas of interest/expertise are business strategy, analytics in talent management, financial services software applications, relationship management, team management and large deal negotiations.

    Over the years, I have dabbled in software development, testing, product design & implementation, project management, management of large offshore units, contract negotiations, sales & relationship management, and running an independent P&L.

    Cymorg improves organizational outcomes by improving the quality of decision-making.
    Market-facing employees with a shared understanding of the organization’s priorities, values and strategies tend to collaborate better, and consistently take good decisions.
    Cymorg’s unique platform helps transforms employee behavior at scale, despite distributed workforces, busy schedules and constantly evolving market dynamics. Unlike conventional training platforms, Cymorg simulations:

    Use interactive experiences, immersing participants in a simulated environment where they solve problems in their work context
    Are dynamic and adapt to user input, allowing for repeated practice and use over time
    Are accessible anytime / anywhere, minimizing scheduling conflicts and work disruption
    Can be hyper-personalized to the needs of each organization, unit and team
    Can be rapidly put together in a matter of a few weeks, and easily modified in hours, to keep up with evolving markets and strategies
    Come with a rich set of cultural and behavioral insights about the organization, teams, and individuals