Yaron Lipshitz, CEO, AllSeated, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Yaron Lipshitz and AllSeated:

    We are a young company and we have grown fast. But we’ve worked hard to maintaining who we’ve been from day one and our unique culture. Our values are a completely natural expression of who we are today and who we want to continue being tomorrow.

    Every day we strive to deliver a ‘wow’ experience for our community. That’s our motivating force, our passion, and it’s what gets us out of bed every single morning. That verve motivates us to be our best, pushing out products and services that make you go ‘whoa!’

    It’s all about that at the end of the day, isn’t it? As a growing company, we value every single person that’s helping to build this company. But it’s not just our team members. We consider every single person in our community a part of our family. We’re grateful and we appreciate you.

    Providing 3D virtual reality solutions for the events industry and technology to build corporate metaverses.
    For events:
    Allseated OPS
    Streamline event planning and design with collaborative, digital floorplan tools. Choose from 100,000+ floorplan templates and 10,000+ 3D objects to design event layouts to scale. Design in 2D and view in 3D. Collaborate in real-time with internal teams, partners, and clients. Manage multiple timelines and generate critical reports.
    Allseated VISION
    Turn your venue model into the ultimate selling tool. Showcase event spaces using 3D virtual walkthroughs. Show clients their events before their happen. Share virtual layouts anywhere, anytime, across multiple devices, and close more business.

    For corporate metaverses:
    Meetaverse™ by Allseated
    Accelerate sales, provide immersive brand experiences, and support thriving work environments in fully customizable, digital workplaces.
    Imagine together. Allseated.