5 Technologies of the Future that Will Change the World


Technological progress is growing exponentially. Technology has become such an integral part of our everyday life that it is hard to imagine how we can live without it. At the same time, all achievements in this area were once only someone’s fantasy, combining the power of nature and the technology of mankind into a single whole. This connection can be compared to how, when entering Facebook, the social network created a global interaction of electromagnetic impulses from the hearts of users.

The Potential of the Computer

Remember 15 years ago what your computer looked like? Have you already been the proud owner of a smartphone? Data storage requires more and more space, while devices become much smaller, more compact and thinner. Look at the size of the new MacBook. And smartphones flooded the entire market, almost completely pushing out fax machines and pagers. What new forms and technologies will come into this area in the next 5-10 years, becoming available to most people? It is interesting to think about this, especially, based on the latest achievements of scientists and engineers.

Nowadays, big industries and companies use supercomputers, because the data they are handling is immense. Of course, it requires a computer with decent specifications. If we are talking about online gambling companies, they have millions of customers, thus having a powerful server and computer is necessary. There are a lot of players who want to claim the PlayAmo bonus code play different games and withdraw the winning funds. All these need to be insured by proper planning and decent computers.


This option, perhaps, most closely reflects the concept of merging. Bionic hands are fully controlled by the brain of their wearer and no additional surgical intervention is required. Currently, the implantation of existing developments of prostheses is an expensive procedure, but is the price so high that a person who has lost a limb feels complete?

The Architecture of the Future

It’s no secret that Dubai is famous for creating stunning architecture. The “dancing” skyscraper is not only beautiful but also constantly moving. How is this possible? Although this idea may seem dangerous, in fact, everything is thought out by engineers to the smallest nuances. The whole idea is that the movement is set with the help of wind turbines that generate energy. Over time, the energy produced by the tower will be enough for several more buildings. The rotating skyscraper consists of 80 separate block of floors that rotate about 6 meters per minute. 


In our reality, there are already cars running on completely ecological fuel, which is available and absolutely harmless. Making cars like Tesla is a step in the right direction. While they are not so widespread and available only to those who can afford them. However, it is worth thinking about moving in vehicles that do not harm the environment. This means that development in the industry is necessary, the development of public transport, cars, and perhaps even roads.


The level of direct communication between people has fallen dramatically after the advent of telephones, the Internet and computers. Although modern technologies cannot but a surprise, what if they are combined with our consciousness? Then the physical need for phones, computers and the like will disappear. How is this possible? Well, at the entry level there is always a concept, as a fundamental part of any technical achievement. The emergence of all existing technologies is an interaction between the creator of the idea and the engineers who, with the help of a technical, professional vision, were able to understand how to make the dream come true.