Merged Media Acquires Another Trusted Canadian Digital Marketing Agency


When you’re told to shoot for the moon, that’s exactly what you do. Case in point; we introduce Merged Media.

As a growing digital marketing agency with ambitious goals and creative ideas in tow – one of Merged Media’s top priorities is always trying out new things on behalf of clients who share similar aspirations as theirs; it gives them an opportunity not only connect more deeply but help businesses large or small reach their full potential through targeted marketing strategies built around specific challenges their clients face day-to-day.


Merged Media is excited to announce another acquisition in their quest for talent and hardworking teams. They’ve obtained a partnership with the successful social media agency Barker Social, who are known throughout Canada as a digital marketing agency that cares about their clients’ success just like Merged does!

Barker Social is a digital marketing agency with an awesome goal: to improve businesses’ social media presences and expand their online visibility. They’ve been doing this since 2016 by working as extensions of clients teams, helping them become thought leaders in different industries across Canada, United States , Europe & Asia Pacific respectively.

Industries they specialize in include:

* Fashion and apparel

* Lifestyle and health-focused services

* Space and technology

* Charities

* Financial advisors

* Restaurants

* Online business managers

* Professional associations

* Retail

* And more

“You deserve the best, and that’s what you’ll get when working with us” stated Merged Media co-founder Jason Hunt. His full service agency offers tailored marketing plans for all types of businesses – whether it be small or large in nature! They make sure each client gets their needs met like no other company can by giving personalized attention on every project while using cutting edge techniques to bring new customers into your business (and keep them there). Whether this means developing social media campaigns designed specifically around your product line; running paid ads across Facebook and Google retargeting users who have spent time on your website and are familiar with your brand or optimizing your website for search engines. Merged covers it all as your digital marketing one stop shop.

This acquisition will allow Merged Media, at your request-to provide a digital marketing strategy for you and all of your business needs! Whether it be social media campaigns or SEO services; PPC advertising strategies like Google Ads – whatever is best suited for YOUR specific situation–they can do this together with one team under one roof while offering unparalleled customer service in an effortless way by combining forces between two great organizations. Read more about the acquisition: