Teresa Spangler, Founder & CEO, PlazaBridge Group, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Teresa Spangler and PlazaBridge Group:

    I am a passionate creator at heart! I love to innovate new growth strategist for companies of any size. Need new ideas, new products, new thinking in your company or in yourself? Let’s talk about how I can help you.

    Creating conversational chat applications, building solutions that leverage your data, building AI, and game-changing converging technologies products, find gaps in strategies and talent, mentoring your professionals and aligning teams, drive your company to be an outperformer and competitivity strong …this is the lane I play in. I love looking for your future successes. I want to help you build tomorrow’s growth strategies.

    I founded Plazabridge Group and GameDay Decisions Analytics Platform™, an integrated artificial intelligence and machine-learning platform as a service to “Simplify the Art and Science of Decision Making.” I believe in innovation for good, developing products that make a difference. Innovation is the cornerstone to growth and resilience. I am passionate about my work; leading CEO’s and companies through digital transformation future proofing their businesses.

    I am an author of “All That I Am Now That I Know, 17 Life Lessons for Entrepreneurs on Winning Big, Failing Big and Dusting Off You’re A#S to Do It All Over “. Want to write your own book, I would love to help you. Speaking to inspire others toward their own successes is one of my favorite things to do. Outside of work, I founded a philanthropic performing arts organization which created showcase opportunities for more than 200 artists and musicians. Another of my personal passions is music; evident when I perform as a singer and guitarist with The Headless Chickens.

    PlazaBridge Group offers advanced analytics platform www.gamedaydecisions.com cloud solutions, product invention, commercialization (advanced marketing, sales and business development strategies) and technology integration.

    Gameday Decisions® Platform as a Service (PaaS) uses a company’s “virtual artifacts” to assess, manage and change people and processes. Through the creation of next generation AI and Machine Learning tools, the platform creates a comprehensive picture of how well your product innovation process is evolving in real time.

    Since the dog days of 2008, PlazaBridge Group has been helping companies bring innovation front and center to their company’s success. Applying unique process improvements to all aspects of revenue growth, our experts deliver on the promises of organizational impact, market advantage and the potential of innovative product strategies. When your revenue is in focus, asking PlazaBridge Group associates to work with your existing teams can be a formula for lowering risk and improving opportunities to expand markets, product lines and internal business development processes.