The first carbon-neutral video conferencing platform


Founded in 2021 during the midst of a pandemic, the team at Crewdle set out to redefine how we communicate and to tackle the growing challenge associated with carbon emissions made by video conferencing platforms. 

That’s why they launched Crewdle, a green video conferencing solution that reduces your carbon footprint.

How do they do this?

By leveraging peer-to-peer technology, Crewdle eliminates the need for servers from your video calls. 

Normally, these servers use up a lot of water and energy to host your virtual meetings, but with Crewdle, you’re connected directly to one another.

Taking it one step further

Crewdle is announcing that it now offsets its own carbon emissions making it the first carbon-neutral video conferencing platform in the world. 

And to help measure your savings, they’ve also launched a new feature called the ‘Impact Scorecare’, which allows you to see how much you and your participants saved after each virtual meeting thanks to Crewdle. 

Visit today to learn more about their eco-friendly video conferencing solution, which is also FREE to join and use.