Eric Bourget, CEO & Founder, HalfSerious, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Eric Bourget and HalfSerious:

    As a specialist in designing and delivering custom SaaS solutions, I have helped dozens of CEOs, mostly non-technical, go from Vision to Reality.

    My career path as an engineer, designer, and entrepreneur has led me to a unique set of beliefs when it comes to helping organizations actually deliver innovation to the market.

    User experience has the power to lift all other aspects of the business.
    Business and Technology leaders will have a hard time delivering unless a Design Leader is also present.
    Innovation projects need to be protected from the distractions of the main business.
    Demand-generation trumps everything.

    This is why I created HalfSerious. A Skunkworks Agency focused on helping CEOs and executive teams deliver innovation.

    HalfSerious helps non-software businesses launch and scale SaaS solutions.

    Scaling a company has always been a challenge and the current talent market is making things much worse. Most of our clients launch SaaS solutions so that they can scale the business without materialy adding to headcount.

    We have developed technology, processes and pricing model ideal for taking ideas all the way to traction. Many of our clients today benefit from their SaaS business model without employing a single developer.

    The benefits: higher valuation for the company, higher margins and a more scalable business.