Grant Furlane, Founder & CEO, LocoMobi World Inc, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Grant Furlane and LocoMobi World Inc:

    With over 18,000 followers Mr. Furlane brings over 40 years of technology experience specializing Smart City in Transportation, Network Security, Cloud Computing, Loyalty programs for Parking, Transit and Tolling industries. He has been involved in over 600 million dollars in Technology investments and was contracted to lead the initiatives of several large public IT companies. He aggressively built three transportation technology companies that established the vanguard for tracking and monitoring vehicle movement. His companies developed and sold integrated control systems for major airports, hospitals, and parking lot management companies.

    Considered to be an expert in Threat Prevention Automation using Artificial Intelligence architecture with Machine Vision . Recently Mr.Furlane has developed many robotic platforms . Metaverse is the most recent developments Mr. Furlane is starting the build out phase .

    A former President of the Canadian Parking Association, Mr. Furlane served as Co-Chairman of the first World Symposium on Intelligent Transportation Systems, an international symposium attended by delegates representing 50 countries. In addition Mr. Furlane was a guest contributor at the United Nations congress for Infrastructure. As a result of his successful business experience, his companies’ technological innovation, and his international scope, Mr. Furlane is considered to be one of the leaders in this industry.

    Mr.Furlane also is a serial entrepreneur who invests in and assists start ups to reach roll out and successful execution. Expertise in areas of Cloud Computing, Advanced Learning , Artificial Intelligent and Robotics .Specialities include Human Performance both mentally and physically combining technology with protection and fitness.

    Mr Furlane served as Chairman to the Neurological Hospitals Centers for Ability, and the Board of Governors of Ontario Junior A Hockey, and has investments in the Entertainment and Sports industries.

    LocoMobi World Inc. is a Smart City, parking & transportation technology company that manufactures and delivers innovative enterprise hardware, and cloud-based software solutions, including a revolutionary license plate recognition system for some of the biggest names in parking and transportation in North America.

    Offering a diverse range of products from mobile apps & software solutions, to traditional parking equipment, LocoMobi World accomodates a broad range of environments that include municipalities and garages, commercial and residential buildings, hotels, airports, medical centers, and universities.

    LocoMobi’s unique Smart City development capabilities allow for us to provide your business with diverse and innovative enterprise hardware and cloud-based software offerings. For consumers that are new to the smart city world; we offer several a-la-carte solutions designed to meet or exceed industry standards. From on-street to off-street options, to seamless user experiences, we will combine the formulas to simplify and improve vehicle management & parking for you, now and into the future.