Is Technology Reducing the Risks of Car Accidents … or Making Them Even More Likely?

Is Technology Reducing the Risks of Car Accidents ... or Making Them Even More Likely?

Technology and car accidents tend to be very well entwined, especially with the rise of the smartphone and other technologies inside of the car.

Some cars even have full computers inside of them, allowing connection to wi-fi, your other devices, and even the internet. With all of the technology inside of the car, you might think that car accidents will be a thing of the past, but technology is a double edged sword.

Distracted driving can be very dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike, and despite the constant worldwide attention and law enforcement work on banning distracting technology, it is a question to ask?

Have crashes really gone down? Are the roads safer?

How Does Technology Help With Car Safety?

While many people talk about the problems of technology with car accidents, technology is also working to make cars on the road safer. The connectivity allows for those in an accident to connect to law enforcement or other services to get themselves help. Technology also helps companies better analyze the habits of drivers on the road, crash test data, and how the car is used by the average driver.

Additionally, features such as 360-degree cameras, hands free calling, built in GPS, parking and lane keeping assists and warning systems, and warnings about collisions are also very important technological forces that keep drivers safe,

Still, before we get so caught up in the technology vs anti technology debate, we do need to remember something. Distracted driving and car accidents have been around since the first car hit the road, long before the smartphone was created and used.

Technology Is Only One Type Of Distraction

While the smartphone is the easiest thing to blame on distraction, almost anything can be a distraction while on the road. People drive while fiddling with the radio, eating food, doing makeup, and talking to other passengers. Drivers can be distracted or lose focus on the road for any number of reasons, and that can and will lead to accidents on the road.

There is a large number of distractions and that leads to a very large number of distracted drivers as well, but while technology might be the biggest cause of distracted driving on the roads today it is by far the only one.

Get Expert Legal Advice After A Car Accident

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Technology Is A Double Edged Sword

As long as you make sure that you are not distracted and are focused on the road whenever you are driving, the amount of technology inside of the car isn’t going to increase your chance of getting into an accident though it might decrease it.