The Strategic Advisor Board (SAB) partners with The ACA Business Club® of Colorado Springs to help celebrate its GRAND OPENING in August

BOULDER, CO (July 26, 2022) Strategic Advisor Board (SAB) is a business mentoring company for CEO’s of small businesses that are seeking stability and growth in this ever changing economy. With the multiple challenges of inflation, recession indications, changing technology, and the need for an online presence, many business owners spend endless hours working “for” their businesses instead of working “with” their business to develop and execute the best growth strategy. The SAB team partners with small businesses to formulate strategic plans for companies to capitalize on the trends prevailing in the industry.

There are a number of resources for small business, one of the best is the American Club Association (ACA) Business Clubs. The ACA Business Club is a private club dedicated to building quality, professional relationships within the business community and serves as an ideal venue for club meetings of all sizes, as well as a convenient and inviting place for members to meet with clients and business associates. The Business Club serves executives, professionals and business owners. Clubs are located worldwide and new ones continue to open monthly.

SAB and ACA are excited to announce their first phase of partnership at the Grand Opening of the ACA Business Club Colorado Springs which will take place on August 12, 2022. They are teaming to provide an even higher level of business advice, service and resources to help small business survive and thrive in today’s tumultuous economic landscape. SAB has a team of 10 CEOs who have over 200 years of business experience who provide expert revenue growth strategies for small business owners and CEOs. The natural partnership of ACA’s network and resources together with SAB’s small business rapid growth strategies and their $10M CEO playbook services create an exceptional opportunity for the small business community.

According to American Club Association President, Martin Hess, stated, “The official launch of the Business Club in Colorado Springs will be a celebration of the impact the Club is already making in the Colorado Springs business community. It’s always amazing to see what can be accomplished when dedicated business professionals come together to encourage and promote each other.” For SAB CEO Jason Miller, “The long-term partnership between SAB and ACA will enable struggling and successful ACA member small business owners to have the community that enables them to take concrete steps and have custom strategies to grow their company to a $10M or more thriving company.”

Hess also states, “The ACA Business Club provides an intimate and upscale, brick and mortar and virtual venues to build quality relationships, to meet clients and to conduct club meetings. The SAB addition is the deeply experienced mentoring and advisory resource our small businesses need in today’s crazy economy. We’re excited to add this additional service component and makes ACA that much more compelling to be a member.”

The Grand Opening will feature former NBA star, James Donaldson, as guest speaker. As a frequent national business media expert, the Strategic Advisor Board will be answering the Colorado Springs community’s greatest business challenges and providing the latest small business advice crucial for small business success.

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The ACA Business Club, located at 905 W. Garden of the Gods Road, Suite E. Colorado

Springs, CO 80907, is the first Business Club to launch in Colorado.  The Colorado Springs business and media community is invited to the Grand Opening on August 12th.

About the ACA Business Club®:

The American Club Association® (“ACA”) was originally established as an association of private

golf, tennis, city and country clubs. The ACA National Headquarters was located at the historic

Kansas City Club located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Founded in 1882, notable club

members included General Omar Bradley, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Harry S. Truman. However,

after 133 years the Kansas City Club closed its doors. In an effort to keep its outstanding tradition

alive, the Board of Directors launched a 21st-Century version of the Kansas City Club – the ACA

Business Club. The ACA Business Club is a private club serving executives, professionals and

business owners that value building relationships, professional development and marketing. For

more information about the ACA Business Club visit

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If you would like more information about the ACA Business Club of Colorado Springs please call Andrew Miller at 719-243-1186 or email

About the Strategic Advisor Board:

The Strategic Advisor Board is a business mentorship company that helps small businesses build and scale their companies. Based in Boulder, CO and operating nationwide, Strategic Advisor Board consists of a board of 10 CEO members who collectively advise and mentor clients. Leveraging the power of powerful industry connections, their goal is to have their client dream bigger, achieve the highest possible profit for their company, and create a working system that will allow their business to not only grow but thrive.

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